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Don’t Get Clever with Login Forms | Brad Frost
"Let’s walk through some login patterns and why I think they’re not ideal. And then let’s look at some better ways of tackling login. TL;DR; create login forms that are simple, linkable, predictable, and play nicely with password managers."
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10 hours ago by junya
Google may kill Android's Back button for Android Q's new gestures • XDA Developers
Mishaal Rahman:
<p>Since Apple removed the iconic home button in favor of gesture navigation on the iPhone X, we’ve seen companies roll out their own implementations of gesture controls. Some gesture control systems like the one from OnePlus and Xiaomi are widely praised for their intuitiveness and eye-catching animations, while others like the one from Google in Android Pie have been met with mixed reviews. Just as Google accidentally leaked Android P’s gestures before Google I/O 2018, we have found evidence of a prototype revamp of navigation gestures from a leaked build of Android Q that we obtained last month.

<img src="" width="100%" />

In Android 9 Pie, the 3 button navigation system was replaced by a two-button system. Although the recent apps button was removed, the back button stayed. The home button, however, turned into a gesture pill.

Most of the complaints that people have towards Android Pie’s gestures focus on the presence of the dedicated back button and the difficulty of performing the long swipe up of the pill to open the app drawer. While I don’t know if the latter gesture will be changed in Android Q, there’s a really good chance that Google may kill the dedicated back button.</p>

It's had a good run.
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14 hours ago by charlesarthur
Don’t Get Clever with Login Forms | Brad Frost
Don’t Get Clever with Login FormsAs time goes on I find myself increasingly annoyed with login forms. As password managers like 1Password (which is what I use) and Chrome’s password manager (which I also sorta use) become more popular, it’s important for websites to be aware of how users go about logging into their sites. via Pocket
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16 hours ago by mbuccella
The Heart of the Matter, Information Architecture in the Mobile Age | Interaction Design Foundation
RT : 3 Things to Bear in Mind When You Design Information Architecture (IA) for the Mobile Environment
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yesterday by schraeds

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