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Farage is the armchair general of Brexit | Comment | The Times
"Now he feels that we are back in his area. “I’ve had enough of their lies, deceit and treachery,” he wrote in a newspaper column. “The time has come to teach them a lesson — one that they will never forget.” Does he, perhaps, mean a lesson about the technical details of a paperless customs arrangement at the Irish border? Alas, no. Farage is angry about Theresa May’s Chequers plan, which promises a degree of regulatory alignment with the EU after Brexit. People, he says, “are being lied to while their wishes are blatantly ignored”. But does Farage have a better plan? About how the wishes of the people could be better fulfilled? No, of course not. Not his area. Somebody else can do it.

His real lesson, and his only lesson, is that this will be a constant. For the armchair generals of Brexit, any deal struck in the ministerial trenches will be “betrayal”, just as any warning of the consequences of not striking one, however rigorously sourced, will be “Project Fear”.

A few days ago the British Medical Association warned of dire consequences for the NHS if Britain left without a deal, involving staffing of surgeries and hospitals, and the logistical challenges of leaving bodies such as the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. Farage says they are wrong. Not how they are wrong, or why they are wrong, just that they are. “This baseless claim,” he writes, “proves Project Fear is thriving.” Yet a recent poll suggested that 60 per cent of doctors from elsewhere in the EU are thinking of leaving Britain. You might recall that the Conservative MP Anna Soubry once had to apologise for saying the then Ukip leader looked “like someone put their finger up his bottom”. We can only marvel at his blithe confidence that, should the need arise, there will always be somebody available who will."
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2 hours ago by np
Rotageek - Data driven scheduling
Rotageek uses predictive data-driven technologies to effectively and fairly schedule staff
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2 hours ago by shalmaneser
Government admits role in Birmingham prison failure | Society | The Guardian
Roger Swindells, from the prison’s independent monitoring board, wrote to the MoJ about the poor state of HMP Birmingham earlier in the summer, saying both the MoJ controllers and G4S were responsible.
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14 hours ago by asterisk2a
Could we run the prison if we called ourselves a business? ask prisoners
"Tom Booker, a prisoner with experience of running an international cocaine business, told the home secretary that he has twice as much business expertise as anyone at G4S and could deliver record profits.

He said: “We’ll form a board, incorporate, submit a bid that’s loads lower than anyone else’s and threaten to sue if you turn it down. We’ll even have a proper logo and everything, there’s a guy on D wing who did graphics before he got into arson."
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15 hours ago by ssam
Spiked -- Women don’t have penises by Brendan O'Neill
'In Britain it might soon be a crime to express this scientific fact. -- Is it now a crime to tell the truth in Britain? It’s heading that way. At the weekend it was revealed that Merseyside Police are making ‘enquiries’ into a trans-sceptical group that distributed stickers saying ‘Women don’t have penises’. Yes, that’s right: the police, the actual police, are investigating a group for expressing what the vast majority of people consider to be a biological, social, actual fact: that if you have a penis you are not a female. -- ... Twitter went into meltdown. This is a hate crime, they said. These people genuinely believe it is a hate crime to say women don’t have penises. Arrest all biology teachers right away! Twitter snitches, who are legion, grassed on the TERFs to the mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, who promised that he would get the police to ‘identify those responsible’ for these outrageous declarations of scientific truth. These sticker heretics are an affront to Liverpool’s history of ‘diversity’ and ‘equality’, he said. A fancy way of saying they are thoughtcriminals. And lo, the Merseyside Police duly got involved: ‘[W]e are aware of this matter and enquiries are being made.’ -- ... The end result is the truth itself has come to be outlawed. It is now genuinely risky to say that someone who has a penis is not a woman – that is, it is genuinely risky to engage in reasoned, rational discussion about sexual difference and biological reality. We are sleepwalking into a police state. In recent days the Metropolitan Police have decreed, in their infinite wisdom, that Boris Johnson didn’t commit a speechcrime when he criticised the niqab (the implication being that sometimes it can be a speechcrime to mock religion); the West Yorkshire Police threatened to arrest people who abused or mocked them on their Facebook page; and now Liverpool police are making enquiries about trans-sceptical speech. Every day people are arrested for so-called trolling. And a battery of laws, from hate-speech legislation to the Malicious Communications Act, is used to punish people for making off-colour jokes or saying super-rude things about MPs. -- Enough. Get the cops out of public debate. Women don’t have penises, they just don’t, and it should never be a police matter to say so.'
UK  illiberalism  transgenderism  newspeak  1984 
16 hours ago by adamcrowe
HOOCHT | The home of secure, fast track intelligent mortgages
We use the power of AI to search the deals most suited to you, fast. This way, we can reduce the process of applying for your mortgage from hours – to mere minutes.
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