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WRENS at Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes. / Introduction 01
DESCRIPTION: WRENS at Wavendon, Woburn, and Woburn Sands, Bedfordshire. This Album contains photographs taken of Parades in the area plus a WRENS Garden Fete at Wavendon Manor. May-Aug 1944.
wrens  navy  WWII  40s  uniform  uk  photography 
1 minute ago by rgl7194
Britain needs a day of reckoning. Brexit will provide it | Nesrine Malik | Opinion | The Guardian
"A humbling must come to pass. From the beginning, Brexit created its own momentum. Once the question was asked – in or out? – all the grievances, justified or not, could be projected on it, with “in” being widely seen as a vote for the status quo. Within this frame, nothing else matters – not economic predictions, not warnings about medicines running out, nor threats of the need to stockpile foods. The remain campaign could not have done anything differently: it lost the moment the question was asked."
brexit  uk  politics 
7 hours ago by ssam
EU parliament's centrist coalition set to lose majority, poll finds | Politics | The Guardian
"Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy, led by Nigel Farage, is on course for a slight increase in seats, despite the departure of Ukip MEPs. A number of Ukip MEPs, including Farage, have quit the party, although they remain part of the EFDD group.The centre-left will be hit hard by the loss of British Labour MEPs, who make up one of the largest national delegations in the Socialist group."

Sickness continues outside UK
brexit  eu  uk  politics  europe 
7 hours ago by ssam
StationMasterApp | The Station Master Blog
Includes an INCREDIBLE number of features!
3D station maps, quick exits & changes, different types of accessibility (walking, luggage, pram, wheelchair, short:long stairs, escalators), and lots more
UK  London  Underground  Tube  subway  maps  accessibility  trains  travel  Apple-apps 
10 hours ago by andreasbuzzing

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