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AFI|Catalog - The French Connection
Superior details about film productions, business and drama
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1 hour ago by csrollyson
Cheating Isn’t Going to Help China Win - Bloomberg
China’s desire to resume the place it long held as one of the world’s leading economies is perfectly legitimate. The Chinese people aren’t forever ordained to labor on a low-cost factory floor for the rest of the world. Their leaders are right to want to climb up the ladder of comparative advantage and develop a more innovative, value-added economy driven by high-tech manufacturing.
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When you look at America, what do you see? Authoritarian collapse, obviously. But in the years preceding it? School shootings. People dying for lack of basic medicines, like insulin. Skyrocketing prices for the basics of…
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yesterday by jeffhammond
Permaculture Project LLC
"The Permaculture Project LLC is a permaculture design and education services company founded by Wayne Weiseman in 2001 and based in southern Illinois in the USA. The Permaculture Project LLC provides education, design and consulting services worldwide, that focus on implementing land and structure designs based on the principles of permaculture. Wayne is passionate about helping students and clients learn to read the landscape to find the “spirit of place” and to see how each one’s soul and spirit is connected to and impacted by the spirit of the land they inhabit. We use appropriate tools and technologies that create positive and ethical lifestyle changes, sustain rather than diminish resources, harmonize relations between ecological and human systems, and stabilize these systems for future generations.
Through curriculum development and education, consultation, research, design and implementation
Using the design science of permaculture we seek to achieve balance and health in the local environment by synthesizing applied biology, small scale technology, and integrative architecture with renewable energies and biological-earth systems."

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