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Uber's testing a new 'on-demand labor' service, like a temp agency
Uber Works is testing in Chicago and would offer on-demand staffing for events and corporate functions, according to the person, who asked to remain anonymous because they were not authorized to speak about the pilot.
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13 hours ago by jomc
Uber's economics team is its secret weapon — Quartz
Economists don’t just love Uber—the company loves them back. Uber is so fond of economists that it employs more than a dozen PhDs from top programs at its San Francisco headquarters. The group acts as an in-house think tank for Uber, gathering facts from quants and data scientists and synthesizing them to arm the lobbyists and policy folks who fight some of Uber’s biggest battles. Officially, this team is known as “Research and Economics.” Internally, it’s also been called Ubernomics.
economics  uber  casestudies 
22 hours ago by dancall
Vigilante engineer stops Waymo from patenting key lidar technology | Ars Technica
In March, an examiner noted that a re-drawn diagram of Waymo's lidar firing circuit showed current passing along a wire between the circuit and the ground in two directions—something generally deemed impossible
lidar  patents  waymo  uber  nonsense  ovum 
23 hours ago by yorksranter
Uber, Lyft main reason for increased traffic congestion in SF, study finds
According to the new report, ride-hail services account for 51 percent of the increase in daily vehicle hours of delay between the years of 2010 and 2016, 47 percent of the increase in vehicle miles traveled during that same time period, and 55 percent of the average speed decline on roadways during that same time period.

Ride-hailing vehicles make up an estimated 25 percent of total vehicle congestion citywide and 36 percent of delay in the downtown core, SFCTA said.
by:TeresaHammerl  from:Hoodline  RideSharing  transport  Uber  Lyft  geo:SanFrancisco 
23 hours ago by owenblacker
RT : "Uber kept me out of work for 3 weeks and I fell behind on my car payment. A car payment that I was making to
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2 days ago by Be_Optimistic
TNCs and Congestion · SFCTA Prospector
"Use this map to explore changes in congestion metrics between 2010 and 2016. The tool provides the ability to look at the effects of four factors that affect congestion: changes in network capacity, changes in population, changes in employment, and changes in TNCs.
• Vehicle Hours of Delay (VHD) is a measure of the overall amount of excess time vehicles spend in congestion.
• Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) is a measure of the overall amount of motor vehicle travel, as measured in distance, that occurs on the network.
• Speed is the average speed of vehicles on a given road segment during a given time period.

How to use this map
• Select a congestion metric to display it on the map.
• Explore the contributions of different factors to changes in congestion.
• Choose a time period to display.
• Click on a colored roadway segment on the map to see segment-specific information."

[via: "City Analysis: Uber, Lyft Are Biggest Contributors to Slowdown in S.F. Traffic" ]

[See also: "Study: Half of SF’s increase in traffic congestion due to Uber, Lyft" ]
maps  sanfrancisco  transportation  uber  lyft  traffic  2018  2016  mapping  data  ridesharing 
2 days ago by robertogreco
Did Uber Steal Google’s Intellectual Property? | The New Yorker
Levandowski and his team were asked to map a million miles of U.S. roads within a year. They finished in nine months, and then set up an enormous office in Hyderabad, India, to begin mapping every street on earth. (Today, Google Maps is the dominant navigation app, used daily by more than thirty million people.) Levandowski and his boss, Sebastian Thrun—another Grand Challenge alumnus—then proposed to Google’s leadership that the next step was developing self-driving cars. In 2009, a small team of engineers, led by Thrun, was assigned to a secret self-driving-car division, which was given the code name Project Chauffeur. Levandowski’s focus would be hardware development.
maps  automotive  legal  google  uber  lidar 
3 days ago by dancall

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