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Five to Nine's Employee Experience is Changing the World of Work
WiSTEM founders talk about their platform, which aims to increase #community within firms #employee #engagement #culture
employee  engagement  entrepreneur  chicago  b2b  platform  analytics  intimacy  sociality  work  community  Q3  2018  incubator  women  culture 
1 hour ago by csrollyson
`flex-grow` is weird. Or is it? | CSS-Tricks
The following is a guest post by Manuel Matuzovic. It illustrates how flex-grow works, weird quirks and all. Then he goes into several examples on how
work  css 
7 hours ago by bfulop
Death to JIRA | TechCrunch
I promised a better way. It is astonishingly simple. We already have an extremely powerful descriptive system which can be used to specify complex systems while including ambiguities, uncertainties, interwoven relationships, iterative levels of success and an arbitrarily broad spectrum of scale and detail. It is called “prose.”

For some reason many companies today seem to be terrified of the prospect of writing more than a couple of paragraphs of clear and simple prose. But a well-written 8-page document can define the nuances of a complicated system far better than a whole cumbersome flotilla of interlinked JIRA tickets.
argument  management  work  writing  design 
10 hours ago by kmt
四个办法拯救你搞砸了的实习 - - FT中文网
1. 灾难可以转化为宝贵的经验教训
2. 向潜在雇主展示你的主动性
3. 建议实习生向资深人士介绍自己; 如果被邀请参加一个会议, *敢于说出自己的想法*,主动提出承担老板们认为很枯燥的工作 - 在此过程中精简了流程
work  softskills 
12 hours ago by muyun_
一诺:为什么每个女性, 都应该当领导
1. 做了事情,*说出去*,有一说一,让相关同事,领导了解支持,是你工作的一部分
2. 晋升,是为了有更大的影响; 如果*事情是对的事情,能做好,那自己的姿势不好看,没关系*
3. 业务之外,让更多相关人士知道你做的事,为自己这部分工作争取资源,支持,合作,*都是“做业务”的一部分*
4. 让他们了解我的工作,支持我的愿景
work  softskills 
12 hours ago by muyun_
> re:Work は、人を第一に考え、Google をはじめとするさまざまな組織の先進事例、研究、アイデアを集めたウェブサイトです。
16 hours ago by f440

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