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Dear Twitter, we've been having a lot of debates about what could make your experience using…
a11y  from twitter_favs
2 days ago by yuanwang
RT : Remember that " for idea" from a few weeks ago? I decided to start building it and wri…
a11y  from twitter
3 days ago by matthiasott
Your skip links are broken - Axess Lab
Many websites have an accessibility feature called skip links that help some users navigate the site. However, there’s a problem with basically all skip links on mobile devices, which hurts your site’s accessibility instead of improving it.
webdev  a11y  skiplinks 
3 days ago by frankfarm
Hex Naw | A color accessibility tool for designers and developers.
Test your core color palette or sass variables against accessibility and color contrast standards. Powered by colorable.js
accessibility  testing  colors  design  tools  a11y 
3 days ago by lenards
494175 - Make <video> and <audio> controls keyboard navigable
“This bug is about making the media controls (which appear on mouse over) keyboard accessible. This will require defining a keystroke to invoke the controls HUD, and making sure that the control elements have tabindex=0 and are keyboard operable; and that they expose accessibility information.”
firefox  video  audio  accessibility  a11y  bugzilla  2018 
4 days ago by handcoding

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