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SPEC2006 Performance: Reaching Desktop Levels - The iPhone XS & XS Max Review: Unveiling the Silicon Secrets
The contrast to the best Android SoCs have to offer is extremely stark – both in terms of performance as well as in power efficiency. Apple’s SoCs have better energy efficiency than all recent Android SoCs while having a nearly 2x performance advantage. I wouldn’t be surprised that if we were to normalise for energy used, Apple would have a 3x performance lead.
chips  hardware  energy  apple  a12  exynos  ovum 
20 days ago by yorksranter
Apple iPhone XS Review Addendum: Small Core and NN Performance
"Another big, mysterious aspect of the new A12 was the SoC's new neural engine, which Apple advertises as designed in-house.  As you may have noticed in the die shot, it’s a quite big silicon block, very much equaling the two big Vortex CPU cores in size."
apple  xs  a12  nn  bionic  anandtech 
4 weeks ago by danhon
Apple Describes 7nm iPhone SoC | EE Times
"The A12 packs a six-core GPU designed by Apple, said to be 50% faster than the block on the A11. An upgraded neural engine sports eight cores, up from two in the A11. Apple claims that it delivers a nine-fold performance gain on its CoreML machine-learning framework, hitting 5 trillion operations/s, up from 600 billion ops/s on the A11 using one-tenth of the energy." Ah, ok. So the NE can be used for CoreML workloads and isn't just something that's reserved for eg photography
apple  7nm  iphone  soc  a12  neuralengine  workloads  cores 
6 weeks ago by danhon
TechInsights Publishes Apple A12 Die Shot: Our Take
From what I can understand, part of the deal is: with process shrinks, you've got more die area to fill up, so you need to find something to do. We've got a whole bunch of die area for conventional cores (now multiple "big" and "little" cores, so specialization in terms of power efficiency, e.g.), you've got a whole area for GPU cores and... what does the Neuro processing unit do? Is it more TPU-type stuff so that you can keep the GPU going? Is the NPU accessible in any way, e.g. can you run Metal tasks be assigned to it?
apple  a12  die  processor  soc 
6 weeks ago by danhon
Apple's Latest iPhones Are Packed With AI Smarts | WIRED
new chip technology with a focus on helping the devices understand the world around them using artificial intelligence algorithms ... rich new experiences for socializing, creating art, or getting things done. Machine learning algorithms can help apps to understand and respond to what’s happening in photos and video, for example. Combined with Apple’s support for augmented reality, more AI oomph could help your iPhone transform the world around you.
apple  ai  machine-learning  chip  iphone  a12 
8 weeks ago by lavallee
Apple, Huawei Both Claim First 7-nm Smartphone Chips - IEEE Spectrum
Apple’s new A12 Bionic is made up of six CPU cores, four GPU cores, and an 8-core “neural engine” to handle machine learning tasks. According to Apple, the neural engine can perform 5 trillion operations per second—an eight-fold boost—and consumes one-tenth the energy of its previous incarnation. Of the CPU cores, two are designed for performance and are 15 percent faster than their predecessors. The other four are built for efficiency, with a 50 percent improvement on that metric. The system can decide which combination of the three types of cores will run a task most efficiently.
Apple  A12  ARM 
8 weeks ago by euler
RT : Counterprotester with a mutual aid bag. Who keeps us safe? We keep us safe.

DefendDC  AllOutDC  A12  from twitter_favs
august 2018 by kcnightfang
RT : Happening Now: over 1000 led by arrive at Lafayette in counter protest of White Nationalists.
A12  from twitter
august 2018 by kitoconnell
If you have a great zoom camera and are planning to be in DC on , remember to keep your lens focused on the fas…
A12  from twitter_favs
august 2018 by lurrel
buying a Hasselblad 500C/M from KEH (A12 back question) | Photography Forums
Newest A12 "black dot" release (a black dot on the button).
then "12" release (a number 12 on the button) is newer than
the "winged V" release (a winged V on the button)

It is simply a way to tell how old the backs are. The B50 refers to the filter size in the Hasselbad proprietary bayonet system that attaches filter. Most Compur shutter(older) lenses are Bay 50, the newer Prontor shuttered lenses are mostly Bay 60
hasselblad  reference  a12 
may 2018 by bwiese
120 film in Hasselblad 220 magazine | Mal Raggett's Photo Blog
Many people don’t realise that it is possible to use 220 backs with 120 film; the film registers in the same film plane no matter what film you use and the difference in pressure from the pressure plate seems to have no practical effect on film flatness or transport. The frame spacing is different, each frame having more space between it and the next frame in the 220 back. It isn’t a huge difference but you can lose the 12th frame if you don’t compensate. Here’s how: when loading the film, stop when the arrow is as shown in the photo:

The 220 film magazine will wind beyond the 12th frame so with 120 film you will be exposing on the the protective paper – oops! You just need to watch the frame counter – when you have exposed the 12th frame, cock the camera to frame 13 then wind on the film fully using the winder on the film back.
hasselblad  a12  a24  reference 
may 2018 by bwiese

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