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The end of mobile — Benedict Evans
5bn people have a mobile phone now, and 4bn have a smartphone. Time to stop
making charts.
mobility  mobile  statistics  analysis  a16z 
10 days ago by JINYONG86
Finding the point of human leverage — Benedict Evans
One of the paradoxes of today's internet platforms is they are vastly automated, and have no human control or interaction over what any given person sees, and yet they are also totally dependent on human behavior, because what they’re really doing is observing, extracting and inferring things from what hundreds of millions or billions of people do.
Technology  a16z  MachineLearning 
7 weeks ago by mikon_nikon
Finding the point of human leverage — Benedict Evans
Until very recently, the challenge, and the reason these systems existed in the first place, was that there were large classes of problem that computers couldn’t solve but that any human could do very easily. We used to call this ‘things that are easy for people but hard for computers’, but really, it was things that are easy for people to do but hard for people to describe to computers. The breakthrough of machine learning is that it gives us a way for the computer to work out the description.
machinelearning  a16z  BenEvans 
8 weeks ago by activescott
Humanity + AI: Better Together – Andreessen Horowitz
es and organizations make progress towards a future of inclusive, safe machine learning systems, organizations scale, they often discover they need to hire an executive that thinks about these issues full time. It’s one of the Valley’s hottest new job roles: director of
ai  a16z 
march 2019 by JINYONG86
What comes after open source? | Denis Nazarov
This post explores the differences between software tools and services; how the stateful nature of software services led them to be closed; and posits how…
saas  internet  blockchain  a16z 
march 2019 by JINYONG86

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