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(PDF) Evolving Algebras and Linear Time Hierarchy
The paper discusses evolving algebras and their linear time hierarchy. The first result is a universal ealgebra and the main result is the diagonalization theorem for ealgebras implying the linear time hierarchy theorem. Other machine models are also considered whose external function is the nullary function and one has to work harder to derive the diagonalization and linear time hierarchy theorems for these machines.
computer-science  rewriting-systems  formal-languages  to-understand  ReQ  programming-language  abstraction  lecture-notes 
5 days ago by Vaguery
[1808.06255] Evolving Algebras 1993: Lipari Guide
Computation models and specification methods seem to be worlds apart. The project on abstract state machines (in short ASMs, also known as evolving algebras) started as an attempt to bridge the gap by improving on Turing's thesis. We sought more versatile machines which would be able to step-for-step simulate arbitrary algorithms on their natural abstraction levels. The ASM thesis asserts that ASMs are such versatile machines. The guide provides the definitions of sequential, parallel and distributed ASMs.
formal-languages  computer-science  formal-logic  programming-language  abstraction  to-understand 
5 days ago by Vaguery
Dancing the flip-flop
There’s a particular process I’m fascinated by, and I tell people about it all the time, but recently I realized I’d never actually written it down—so here you go.
art  digital  culture  abstraction  dance  designthinking  inspiration  physics 
5 weeks ago by garrettc

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