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Dark Science #19 – The Department of Quantification – Dresden Codak
"You are hereby notified that Archaeology has been deemed a financial boondoggle."


"How DARE you waste public resources on the past when there are starving children somewhere else in the world, probably?
We must think of our priorities! How many of your archaeologies have cured a disease or fed a starving old man living in a bucket?
Please indicate the number here."
LiberalArts  academia  humor 
5 days ago by civilstat
On Deconferencing – CogDogBlog
Important to consider the intersecting effects not just of carbon costs but also the time/money costs of traveling to meetings and whether we're doing it in the most effective way.
academia  conference  telecommuting  aviation  climatechange 
5 days ago by npdoty
Distance learning
“When the movement to MOOCs was at its rabid peak a couple of years ago and some members of our board were talking about starting to do more distance education, I regularly told them that at our school, distance education is the length of a table.”
academia  education  teaching 
6 days ago by M.Leddy

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