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Uncanny A11y
Some examples of poor accessibility practices that you are probably making on your sites right now. It's okay though, Adrian has some tips on how to improve your approach to A11y.
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19 hours ago by justinavery - We came from the future to help you save the Internet
LBRY is a free, open, and community-controlled digital goods marketplace. Learn about technical specifics, how to contribute, API specifications, and much more.
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yesterday by gilberto5757
Digital Transformation’s Missing Link Is Zero Trust
"Gaps exist between the results digital transformation initiatives are delivering today, and the customer-driven value they’re capable of. According to Gartner, 75% of digital transformation projects are not aligned internally today, leading to delayed new product launches, mediocre experiences, and greater security risks than ever before."
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yesterday by jonerp
Inclusive design: Whose Opportunity Is It? – Automattic Design
As makers of the Web, we also have an opportunity before us: inclusive design. I love this take on diversity and inclusion:

Diversity is being invited to the party;
inclusion is being asked to dance.

Vernã Myers
Every decision we make impacts whether or not people get to dance. Maybe you think you don’t have the skills to make an impact. I disagree.

Inclusive design is a business opportunity. It leads to innovation. Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller proves that.

Inclusive design is a content opportunity. When NPR added transcripts to This American Life, engagement went up. Unique visitors rose by more than four percent.

Inclusive design is a quality opportunity. The most common accessibility errors on websites can be fixed with better quality control.

Inclusive design is a performance opportunity. Seventy one percent of the world connects to the Web on a 2G or 3G network. Combine that with site’s page weight continuing to increase, and people using lower powered devices could be excluded.

Inclusive design is a people opportunity. Hiring a more diverse set of people means they can bring those perspectives into the products a company creates.
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2 days ago by jesse_the_k
Albany Law Students Create Tech Tool for Businesses to Obtain Nonprofit Status | Legaltech News
Albany Law School students have released a web-based Nonprofit Formation Tool to assist lawyers with clients attempting to gain nonprofit status.
The idea for the tool was formed during a “Law of Social Entrepreneurship and Exempt Organizations” course in fall 2017. The Nonprofit Formation Tool allows lawyers to easily create the certificate of incorporation and bylaws, important documents needed to gain status as a nonprofit in New York state. The documents are created after lawyers answer a few questions in a web-based program. The questions and program were created by Albany Law School students through the cloud-based program building A2J Author software.

The idea for the tool sprung from students observing a legal need in Albany.
“It was something needed in the community, something beneficial, and brings their [Albany Law School students] learned expertise they’ve developed in the course and spread that around with this digital tool,” said Ray Brescia, an Albany Law School professor and leader of the course. Brescia added that the tool received feedback from lawyers in the community and those in the nonprofit sector.

The Nonprofit Formation Tool requires lawyers not to charge clients when using the software. The program is only accessible for lawyers admitted to the New York bar, who must enter their attorney registration number when applying to use the tool.

While lawyers who counsel simple corporate structures is the tool’s largest projected demographic, Brescia said the software’s convenience may also encourage pro bono services.

“[It’s] really a reflection of the need in the community. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for lawyers representing nonprofits,” Brescia added. “It might encourage more lawyers to take this on pro bono as well, if they had this tool.”
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2 days ago by JordanFurlong
Sci-Hub: removing barriers in the way of science
The first pirate website in the world to open mass and public access to tens of millions research papers
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4 days ago by chrisbuchholz
What Happens If Russia Cuts Itself Off From the Internet
For Wired, Louise Matsakis looks at how a self-imposed internet shutdown in Russia would actually play out, and why it's not quite as easy as simply flipping the off switch: "Cutting itself off would be an onerous task that could have myriad unintended consequences. If anything, the whole project illustrates just how entangled—and strong—the global internet has become...No matter how much Russia has prepared, however, unanticipated issues will almost certainly arise if it tries to dissever from the rest of the world...Even if disaster didn’t occur—like banking, hospital, or aviation entities failing to connect—many websites would likely stop working. Most web pages rely on multiple servers to function, which may exist in disparate parts of the world."
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7 days ago by dmcdev
How to get online if the internet or social media is blocked
For Quartz, Abdi Latif Dahir runs through some tips and tools that can help people stay online in the event that the internet is shut down in whole or in part - something that is happening with increasing frequency worldwide. From Zimbabwe to India and Venezuela to Cameroon, governments are increasingly relying on internet shutdowns as a way to suppress free speech and inhibit the free flow of information during politically contentious times, such as elections or during protests.

Abdi makes three general recommendations: 1. Keeping up on your 'digital hygiene' - "whether a blackout is imminent or not; 2. choosing effective, reliable circumvention tools - including some that have been supported by OTF, such as Tor, Tails, Lantern, and Briar; and 3. following the advice of experts in order to know what's happening during a shutdown event, and what can be done to mitigate its effects.
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7 days ago by dmcdev

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