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StationMasterApp | The Station Master Blog
Includes an INCREDIBLE number of features!
3D station maps, quick exits & changes, different types of accessibility (walking, luggage, pram, wheelchair, short:long stairs, escalators), and lots more
UK  London  Underground  Tube  subway  maps  accessibility  trains  travel  Apple-apps 
2 hours ago by andreasbuzzing
Making the abbr element work for touchscreen, keyboard, and mouse
Making the abbr element work for touchscreen, keyboard, and mouse
html  css  accessibility 
4 hours ago by chromaphobic
Links that don’t go anywhere should be buttons
You use an anchor if you want to create an interactive element in the your site or app that takes you to another web resource. You do not use an anchor element to trigger scripting functionality. That’s what the button element is for.
fridayfrontend  cssbasics  html  accessibility  buttons  links 
17 hours ago by spaceninja
Tips for making interactive elements accessible on mobile devices
WCAG was updated to version 2.1, which includes a whole new section on guidelines for mobile accessibility. There are several new mobile-specific rules, such as rule 1.3.4, that “content should not restrict its view and operation to a single display orientation, such as portrait or landscape, unless a specific display orientation is essential.” In this article, I will cover some of the new guidelines that relate to interactive elements on a web page.
fridayfrontend  cssbasics  accessibility  wcag  mobile 
17 hours ago by spaceninja
Quick Note on high contrast mode
When testing websites and apps in Windows high contrast mode (HCM), there are two issues I’ve come across over again and again: HCM cares not for your ARIA roles, and background images are (mostly) ignored.
fridayfrontend  cssbasics  accessibility  highcontrastmode  contrast  backgrounds  aria 
17 hours ago by spaceninja
Skip links are important
“Skip links” are important. They allow keyboard-only users, sighted or not, to bypass large or repetitive blocks of content. You may have heard of them and wondered what the big deal is. Or your design team may have refused to implement one because they look “ugly”. But they are important, and they don’t have to break the design.
fridayfrontend  cssbasics  html  accessibility  skiplinks 
17 hours ago by spaceninja
Get Your Priorities Straight, by Heydon Pickering
We are not blessed with infinite resources, so when we make things for the web we have to decide what gets done and what doesn't. But what we choose to prioritize isn't always what deserves to be a priority. This talk explores the spurious thinking, the privileges and the prejudices, behind our faulty prioritizations and defends inclusive design as the ultimate priority when building interfaces.
fridayfrontend  video  accessibility  performance  inclusive  prioritization 
20 hours ago by spaceninja
Palettte App
1) Build smooth color schemes that flow from one color to another. 2) Finetune hue, saturation value gradients of your palette and of each color swatch individually. 3) Import, analyze and edit existing color schemes, find errors or automatically find the most similar colors from a new palette to a list of legacy colors from your codebase
tools  design  color  accessibility  contrast 
22 hours ago by spaceninja

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