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Interview: Bradley Cooper -
Since you got the lead for Hangover 1 it seems everything has just exploded for you.

It doesn't feel that way. Thank you for saying that. Not the case, I gotta say, but it certainly provided more opportunities. Everybody who was a part of that movie, because it was so financially lucrative, benefited from it but I still put myself on tape for movies and try to get roles. It's the same, you know? It's the same. I mean, look, more doors have been opened for sure but it's not like I sit back with a cigar on Monday morning and go through the scripts that have been offered - no, that's not the case.
bradley-cooper  acting  how-they-started  motivation 
2 days ago by lwhlihu
Tom Hiddleston & Josie Rourke full talk - YouTube
"Acting is about empathy and completely embodying a character so that your body follows."

"You're exploring human reality. That's why we go to cinema. We need to connect with each other. We all leave with a shared understanding of something we know to be true about life. So the requirement of the actor is to be as honest as possible. It's about being truthful in imaginary circumstances."
videos  tomhiddleston  interviews  acting  theater 
11 days ago by cmananian
Why Ann Dowd Is Grateful She Found Success Later in Life | Glamour
Keep your love story alive—and by love story, I mean the love you have for the work that you do—for it is a pure and powerful dynamic, and it will sustain you. Pay attention and take care of it. We are here to do the work we are able to do, the work we love to do. It doesn't mean there won't be ups and downs; there will be plenty of them. Keep the love story alive.

For some reason I had an unshakable faith that all would work out. I don't know if it's because of that voice, which I tried to stop and kill
success  acting  theater  writing  arts  goals  plans  ambition 
17 days ago by emmacarlson
Steven Berkoff: who will dare to stage my one-man Harvey Weinstein play? | Stage | The Guardian
He’s played baddies in everything from Bond to Beverly Hills Cop. Now he’s tackling the disgraced movie mogul in a self-penned play. The actor-playwright explains why theatre is dying out – along with his enemies’ reputations
acting  film 
25 days ago by tonys

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