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antoniaspa — The Dark Knight Rises - Christopher Nolan | Action...
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How to Including a Progress Meter in MS Access Report
In this article we address all the factors relating to Progress Meter in MS Access, including why, how and when it should be used.
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5 days ago by DataNumen
A Short History of Escape Games – Part 1
All of us here at the Enigma Room are big fans of escape room games, also known as “real life escape games”, “live action escape games” or simply “escape rooms”. There is a huge appetite for these games around the world, with venues all over Asia and Europe, and a burgeoning scene in the US. Part of the reason why we decided to open up our own venue was that we had been to some of these places overseas and had really loved the experiences, but on coming back to Australia we found that the scene hadn’t really taken off here. Aussies are smart cookies and have always loved sports and physical activity, so surely they’d love something like this too? Hopefully with our escape room opening up (and a few other venues that have opened already around Australia) we’ll start to see our own Australian take on the genre.

But where did this craze start? There are a few different stories depending on who you ask or what you read on the internet. I’ve decided to dig around and find out what I can about the origins of live escape games below, and in part 2 I’ll discuss influences taken from other media.

The first live action escape game that I know of was held in Kyoto, Japan sometime in 2007. Run by the company SCRAP, they have a mix of escape rooms as well as large scale events around Asia and the US in venues like sports stadiums or the hull of a battleship. One highlight of their games is the extremely low success rates (of which the organisers are quite proud of).
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6 days ago by 44sunsets

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