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A Complete Guide To Switching From HTTP To HTTPS – Smashing Magazine
Setting up HTTPS can be a bit intimidating for the inexperienced user — it takes many steps with different parties, it requires specific knowledge of encryption and server configuration, and it sounds complicated in general.
In this guide, I will explain the individual components and steps and will clearly cover the individual stages of the setup. Your experience should be easy, especially if your hosting provider also supplies HTTPS certificates — chances are you will be able to perform everything from your control panel quickly and easily.
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2 days ago by FrederickYocum
coloredink: "A Tower to Broadcast All Our Dark Dreams" (Will/Hannibal) NC-17
"Jack didn't drag me anywhere I didn't want to go. I'm happy to assist with the case, and we've already proven that we can cohabitate without undue distress."

"Yeah, well, I still think it's stupid," Will muttered.

"We do fit the profile," Hannibal said. "A couple from different social strata; recently cohabiting; homosexual. That's not what offends you, is it?" Hannibal added.

(Or: Hannibal and Will have to pretend to be a couple for a case. Everything goes downhill from there.)
fanfic  hannibal  will/hannibal  slash  au  fakemarriage  domestic  hurt/comfort  action  casefic  violence 
2 days ago by dontletmego

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