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(14) We transform the world with culture! | LinkedIn Barbara Fischer via Peter Soemers
We are trained to consider us as institutions with a commitment to the "neutral point of view". This is very valuable. But climate change is no longer a "point of view". It is real. It is threatening our civilization. We in our institutions, the institutions themselves are mandated to enlightenment and people out there expect us to direct them as they trust us for being faithful to the truth. We have to step out from the comfortable shelter of neutrality and take on our responsibility as a stakeholder in society. What are we waiting for?
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2 days ago by edsonm
✢ Lex Loci
"Written as a fill on the Dragon Age Kinkmeme! Leto and Varania escape the Imperium and arrive in Kirkwall; Leto doesn't approve of templars going after his sister; and a clinic in Darktown gets by with a little help from its friends. ‘Perhaps I am the wrong man for the job, then,’ Leto suggested." (66,520 words)
  fenris  anders  varania  karl_thekla  malcolm_hawke  fenris/anders  bamf!fenris  protective!fenris  action  character_study  friendship  activism/revolution  slowburn  first_time  fandom:dragonage  author:spicyshimmy  have:pdf 
7 days ago by elwarre

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