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Wrapping JSON-based ActiveRecord attributes with classes - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
"Have you ever tried to denormalize your DB structure a little bit by using a JSON-based column? It goes without saying that great flexibility comes with great responsibility, but in some cases, this approach does a good job and simplifies things a lot."
rails  activerecord  json  jsonb  tips@4 
14 days ago by junya
Rails Includes vs Joins – Swapnil Gourshete – Medium
When I started learning Rails, I was always in a state of confusion about using includes or joins, because both are used in almost same scenario. Includes uses eager loading whereas joins uses lazy…
rails  activerecord 
25 days ago by aghecht
Be Careful Assigning to has_one Relations - Andy Croll
Alguns cuidados necessários ao utilizar relacionamentos has_one entre models do Rails.
dev  activerecord  articles  rails 
26 days ago by repoles

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