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Me And White Supremacy Workbook
"A 28-day journey to kickstart your life-long anti-racism work."
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16 hours ago by kmo
Mia Yamamoto: The Leading Transgender Lawyer Who Came Out Late in Her Career
Okay, if you’re going after transgender people—bring it on, fuck you! I’ve been on the side of all the people you’ve been oppressing this whole time, so I’m glad you got around to me by now. You know, if I’m your enemy, you might as well know it. I’m not afraid of you. You’re just a punk politician. I’m not afraid of you.

Every trans person should aspire to everything. Be the greatest lead singer in a band, be the best politician, be the greatest lawyer you can be. All those things are going to be available because people fought for us, people advocated for us, people opened doors and made space for us. And you’re gonna have to return that favor and pay it forward for the next generation. Nothing good happens without all of us doing it together. This is one movement that you have to get active in, not just for yourself, but for the world; for us to experience a measure of justice, equality, inclusion.
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yesterday by athena
Urban Worker
"The Urban Worker Project is a new initiative to give a stronger voice to the growing numbers of independent workers across the country." (includes a salary-to-hourly-wage calculator:
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yesterday by kmo
DSHR's Blog: It Isn't About The Technology
In other words, for searches that are profitable, Google has moved all the results it thinks are relevant off the first page and replaced them with results that people have paid to put there. Which is pretty much the definition of "evil" in the famous "don't be evil" slogan notoriously dropped in 2015. I'm pretty sure that no-one at executive level in Google thought that building a paid-search engine was a good idea, but the internal logic of the "slow AI" they built forced them into doing just that.
federation  decentralization  social-dynamics  corporatism  activism  engineering-design  institutional-design  political-economy 
2 days ago by Vaguery

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