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Why Dead Black Guys Aren’t News Anymore | Simple Justice
He assumes, wrongly, that the “activism” was the reason people cared, people paid attention. For a brief, shining moment, following a list of names of unarmed/innocent black people being killed by police for no cognizable reason, people gave a damn. Not just activists, but people. White people. black people, green people. People. 

No decent person could shrug off a needless killing of a human being by police, and no decent person could ignore that cops were killing black people at a disproportionate rate.* It didn’t have to be a struggle between cops killing black people versus killing white people, as there was an overarching recognition that cops shouldn’t be killing unarmed innocent people regardless of color. And ending the killing was one thing everyone could agree upon.
activism  police  crime 
2 days ago by atbradley
The Long Wait For #BlackLivesMatter (Update x2) | Simple Justice
Black Lives Matter was real. The complaints were real. The deaths were real. This could no longer be ignored by those who didn’t fear they or their children wouldn’t make it home for dinner. Our beloved protectors were murderers. This could no longer be denied or ignored by anyone of good conscience. We saw the pictures.
racism  police  activism 
2 days ago by atbradley
8 Totally Rad Feminist Zines You Need To Check Out
For those of you who don’t know, Tumblr is a fantastically fun place full of food, feminism, fandoms, and kittens! However, one thing Tumblr isespecially great for is allowing young artists to self-promote; they can post, share, and sell their work, all while having fun blogging. Other Tumblr users can enjoy what they blog and support their online friends by purchasing their products, be they books, paintings, custom stickers, or whatever else these young creators can dream up - like zines. Here are some Tumblr blogs that’ll bring you great joy in the form of one of my personal favorite Tumblr gems: free feminist zines!
Feminism  zines  Activism 
3 days ago by frannie_pants
Meet The Pakistani-American Artist Taking A Stand To Normalise Body Hair
Meet Ayqa Khan, a first-generation Pakistan-American artist taking a stand against societal pressure for women to remove body hair.
Feminism  Activism  articles 
3 days ago by frannie_pants
Feminism  Activism  articles 
3 days ago by frannie_pants
how to make a zine
There might be an infinite number of ways to make a zine. This video shows how to make one handy and common type: a half-size, staple-bound booklet.
video  activism  zines 
3 days ago by frannie_pants
School Walkout Against Gun Violence: In Photos - The Atlantic
Across the United States today, students participated in walkouts to protest gun violence one month after the deadly shooting in a Florida high school.
school-safety  walkout  gun-control  social-movements  students  activism  gun-violence 
3 days ago by capcrime

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