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Massachusetts police tweet lets slip scale of leftwing surveillance | US news | The Guardian
Tom Arabia, a co-founder of Combat, said: “No one can deny the Massachusetts state police are surveilling leftwing organizations.”

He added that the image on the state police tweet “was both unsurprising and also a bit scary, because of how intimate it is in a sense to see your own organization listed in a police browser’s bookmarks”.
boston  police  surveillance  infiltration  activism 
2 days ago by jomc
(13) Facebook
Josh Blaine was live — with Melanie DeMore and Theresa Martin in Oakland, California.
about a year ago ·
Finding Our Voice with Oakland Vocal Activist Melanie De
Melanie_DeMore  vocal  activism  singing 
3 days ago by Quercki
Documenting the Now
Documenting the Now develops tools and builds community practices that support the ethical collection, use, and preservation of social media content.
archives  social  activism  community  organizations  tools  resources 
4 days ago by jshhnn
How to Survive an Authoritarian Government | Extra Newsfeed
This is just generally good advice even if you don't live inna terrifying Orwellian dystopia.
listicle  politics  samizdata  solidarity  activism  dystopia  socialism  sousveillance 
4 days ago by gominokouhai
View-Through is a community-based initiative in the Miami area to adjust the language used around incarceration on online search platforms. Our project utilizes synchronized, strategic internet searching to alter search predictions (the type-ahead suggestions that appear on sites such as Google). These predictions are generated by algorithms and are based in large part on search volume within a geographic region.
language  prisons  projects  community  activism  algorithms 
4 days ago by jshhnn
Torn Apart / Separados
Volume 2 of Torn Apart is a deep and radically new look at the territory and infrastructure of ICE’s financial regime in the USA. This data & visualization intervention peels back layers of culpability behind the humanitarian crisis of 2018.
data  visualization  projects  community  activism  prison 
4 days ago by jshhnn
How techno became the sound of protest in Georgia | Dazed
> Still, things have changed a lot. “In 2013, thousands of people came out to beat those people up,” Getia tells me, “but now in my club, we have a thousand people or more every month coming to our LGBT party. And you know what, they can’t do anything about it. At the start, we had guys come and try to cause trouble, but then our security came out, and they saw that we were thousands and they were just a handful of people… they’ve never returned. The tide has turned already. We outnumber them.”
georgia  activism  c4aaalumni  dance 
5 days ago by SteveLambert
a collaborative living archive centered around (pan)Black and (pan)Asian cultural and political relationships
art  activism 
6 days ago by crankin

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