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Fashion Trends Instagram Stories and Ad Banners - HYOV
We’ve put together a fashion story as unique as your brand, as a fun set of 12 fashion promotional ad banners! Use these fashion Instagram banners as creative content on your account. With these Instagram fashion banner templates and Instagram fashion banner ads, you’ll make your brand stand out.
instagram  fashion  banner  templates  ad  banners 
8 hours ago by ArjunDoto
Fitness ad banner designs for Instagram and Facebook
Purchase these fifteen beautifully designed IG and FB newsfeed designs for your fitness product ads. Create creative fitness ads or informative health and fitness ads with these bright and beautiful designs. Or use them for fitness ad banners, fitness Instagram ad banners and FB fitness ad banners.
creative  fitness  ads  health  and  ad  banners  product  instagram  fb  banners. 
9 hours ago by ArjunDoto
The Spinner
AdTech (ad retargeting) respun as weak mind control via nudging.
psyops  native  ad  advertising  retargeting 
2 days ago by asteroza

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