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RT : Just trying to avoid spraying myself in the eye this holiday season.
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2 days ago by brokenbottleboy
AdGuard calls out sites for cryptojacking failures
"The company reports that there are around 2,500 downloads of this code per day. This is likely to be for more than just cryptojacking. Downloads are also likely to be used by other cybercriminals for malvertising. It is also entirely possible that some websites are using the code to boost the number of ads that they serve. With many advertisers paying per impression of an ad, there is a lot of interest in improving ad serving."
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3 days ago by jonerp
Descubra HBO GO
Chegou o que a gente queria: um novo jeito de ter HBO é ter só HBO. Ative já 1 mês grátis!
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3 days ago by ataliba
Typical LDAP mappings for Active Directory in Jamf Pro (formally Casper) > Amsys
This is used to allow scoping of policies, profiles and administration access to users from an AD domain. This is not the details your client Macs would use to bind to your Active Directory domain.
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4 days ago by mbraly
Descubra HBO GO
Assine HBO GO pela App Store ou Google Play e assista a filmes campeões de bilheteria e mais!
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4 days ago by ataliba
Hey 🏈 fans, snag 2 WK15 tix in Verizon Up! The rewards program in the My Verizon App.
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5 days ago by jeffcarroll
Beer of The Month Club - Craft Beer | The Original Craft Beer Club
RT : Give a gift of only the best artisan craft beers produced in small, independent breweries. 🎁🍻
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6 days ago by neuralmarket
Selling ads directly vs. selling through ad networks | AdSpeed AdServer
Selling ads directly vs. selling through ad networks | AdSpeed AdServer is a new note in Evernote - created on December 10, 2017 at 12:02PM
IFTTT  Evernote  socialmarketing  programmatic  advertising  Sparklit  direct  ad  sales 
8 days ago by pauljacobson
Canal A&E
O inimigo era quem ela mais amava. , terças, às 22h25.
OAssassinatoDeLaciPeterson  ad  from twitter
11 days ago by ataliba

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