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Full text of "Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley and San Leandro street address telephone directory"


6100 Reid Hal G r PI-2364-J

6118 Marsh Gerster Naomi r OL-1665

6122 Moore D C r PI-3449-J

6124 Skolil Lester L r HU-9097

6126 Czarnecki L r PI-3449-W

6134 Douglass Roy H r HU-3676
skolil  lester  sdsu  faculty  history  phonebook  address 
12 days ago by rheotaxis
What is my IP address? —
If you need to find out as much as possible about your IP address and it should be possible via CLI or just without bells and whistles.
ip  address  lookup  server  tool 
15 days ago by gyger
Great downloadable dataset of addresses.
addresses  mapping  address  geo  data  reference  tools  geodata 
19 days ago by jamescampbell
Address & Postcode Finder NZ | Free Address Autocomplete
Find and validate New Zealand postal addresses and postcodes with Addy's address finder NZ widget. Autocomplete an address on your website quickly and accurately.
address  newzealand  validation 
27 days ago by Aoterra
How Etsy Localizes Addresses - Code as Craft
Imagine you’re browsing the web from your overpriced California apartment one day and you find a neat new website with some really cool stuff. You pick out a few items, add them to your cart, and start the checkout process. You get to the part where they ask for your shipping address and this is the form you see:
address  development  localization 
27 days ago by danesparza
GitHub - corollari/steganoEmail: Lightweight email adress scrambler
Lightweight email adress scrambler. Contribute to corollari/steganoEmail development by creating an account on GitHub.
email  address  protection  security  encryption  opensource  floss  webpage 
5 weeks ago by gilberto5757
[no title]
firefox have you been pwned email address breach data leak hack check
firefox  have  you  been  pwned  email  address  breach  data  leak  hack  check  monitor  password 
6 weeks ago by danfnz
Unusual HTML tags worth knowing
Using the right HTML elements has more importance than many of us realise. Known as Semantic HTML, it's all about bringing meaning to the page and not just presentation. A <p> element contains a paragraph, and everyone knows what that should look like. Not only does it help communicate what the page contains to search engines, it also helps screen readers do their job as efficiently as possible. This article will list some lesser known tags for you to have as many tools as possible on a daily basis.
fridayfrontend  html  cssbasics  semantics  abbr  dfn  address  cite  del  ins 
6 weeks ago by spaceninja

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