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A History of the World in Admin – PREVIOUSLY, ON EARTH
It is pretty clear that one of the biggest divisions in the Brexit debate (and it is essentially still a debate) is between people who have some kind of grasp of the operative principles of admin and logistics and those who don’t. Long before the referendum was held it was clear that nobody was publicly asking the people who were actually going to have to, well, Do Brexit (i.e. the civil service and its auxiliary agencies, mostly) for their opinion on the feasibility of what was proposed.
workplace-politics  feminism/sexism  admin 
9 hours ago by oldrubberboots
Installer un serveur VPN à partir de Raspberry Pi : tutoriel avec OpenVPN
a sécurité des accès Internet ouverts laisse souvent à désirer. Pour naviguer en toute liberté sur le Web, une des meilleures solutions est d’installer un VPN (virtual private network). Si l’on installe un serveur VPN personnel, on a tout de même accès à son réseau local depuis n’importe quelle connexion Internet.

Pour installer un réseau virtuel et privé, il est d’abord nécessaire de disposer d’un ordinateur qui joue le rôle de serveur. Le Raspberry Pi constitue pour ce faire une option bon marché.
linux  admin  raspberrypi  vpn  security 
2 days ago by p6ril
How to parse command line arguments using Bash case statements
This Bash script tutorial will present an easy to follow guide to writing case statements. It will show you how to apply these to parse and handle command line arguments. You will learn to write custom scripts that take advantage of its concise syntax and pattern matching that can be applied to many kinds of programming tasks.
linux  bash  admin 
2 days ago by p6ril
Load Testing Web Servers with Siege Benchmarking Tool
Knowing how much traffic your web server can handle when under stress is essential for planning future grow of your website or application. By using tool called siege, you can run a load test on your server and see how your system performs under different circumstances.
linux  admin  security 
3 days ago by p6ril
How to use SSH to proxy through a Linux jump host
Secure Shell (SSH) includes a number of tricks up its sleeve. One particular trick you may not know about is the ability to use a jump host. A jump host is used as an intermediate hop between your source machine and your target destination. In other words, you can access X from Y using a gateway.
linux  admin  ssh  security 
4 days ago by p6ril
Getting started with the cat command
The Linux cat and zcat commands are more useful than you may realize.
linux  admin 
4 days ago by p6ril
8 Best Linux Console File Managers
Linux console file managers can be very helpful in a day to day tasks, when managing files on a local machine or when connected to a remote one. The visual console representation of the directory helps quickly perform file/folder operations and save us some time.

In this article, we are going to review some of the most frequently used Linux console file managers and their features and benefits.
linux  admin 
4 days ago by p6ril
Sitting in the Linux Cockpit
If you haven't tried the relatively new Linux Cockpit, you might be surprised by all it can do. It's a user-friendly web-based console that provides some very easy ways to administer Linux systems — through the web. You can monitor system resources, add or remove accounts, monitor system usage, shut down the system and perform quite a few other tasks — all through a very accessible web connection. It's also very easy to set up and use.
linux  admin 
4 days ago by p6ril
An early assessment of the Ultimate acquisition
"Ultimate, a major HR vendor, is going private and many are speculating about how the deal will affect employees, customers and top executives. But shouldn’t we be discussing other factors, too (e.g., how the private-equity deal financing will affect things)?"
future  of  work  hcm  and  the  digital  hr  admin  payroll  talent  management 
5 days ago by jonerp

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