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A self-hosted assistant similar to [IFTTT]( or [Zapier](, written in Python.
opensource  foss  software  ifttt  selfhosting  selfhosted  automation  sysadmin  admin 
9 days ago by taffit
Apache Guacamole™
A clientless (works in the browser) way to access desktops over VNC, RDP or SSH.
rdp  remote  ssh  vnc  software  opensource  admin  sysdamin 
9 days ago by taffit
How to Set Up System Locale on CentOS 7
# localectl status
# cat /etc/locale.conf
# localectl list-locales | grep en_US
# localectl set-locale LANG=locale_name
linux  config  howto  admin  locale 
17 days ago by iteruel

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