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Watch New Trailer For Mission: Impossible – Fallout | Movie News | Consequence of Sound
Ethan Hunt returns for his most critical mission ever this summer
The first trailer for Mission: Impossible — Fallout focused on the tensions of the story, with Ethan Hunt (the agelessly invincible Tom Cruise) facing the consequences of his years of good intentions while his team — and the world — are at greater risk than ever. The newest preview of the film, however, is all about big action scenes and stunts.
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yesterday by rgl7194
They Tumble Down - thimbleful
When Sansa suggests it's time for her and Jon to marry, she means they should make marriage alliances with the other Northern houses. Jon, though, assumes she means they should marry each other. A post s7 story where Jon and Sansa struggle to navigate their new political landscape while suppressing their feelings for one another, Arya does everything in her power to protect her pack, and Bran and Sam try to figure out how to kill the Night King.
fanfiction  wip  got  sansastark  jonsnow  danerystargaryan  aryastark  branstark  missandei  greyworm  adventure  angst  au  postep  sansa/jon  dany/jon  arya/gendry  tormundgiantsbane  brienneoftarth  epic  FAVORITE 
5 days ago by ficrecbitch
As High As Honor - Calistabista
Sansa burns Winterfell as the Night King approaches. Somehow, her story continues.
fanfiction  series  got  sansastark  retelling  postep  epic  jonsnow  starkfamily  adventure  sansa/jon 
5 days ago by ficrecbitch
How to Accomplish That Big Mission On Your Bucket List | Nerd Fitness
Want to know the BIGGEST difference I see between people who find happiness and have great adventures, and those who don’t?

Those that spend their days angry and miserable and stuck in a rut?  They hear a story about somebody doing something awesome, like losing a lot of weight or having an adventure of a lifetime, and the first emotion that pops in their head is ENVY – “Why does he get to do that when I can’t?” “Must be nice to be able to do that. I can’t because ________.” “My situation is different. She is so lucky.”

Those that find success and have adventures? They hear a story about somebody doing something awesome and the first emotion on their mind is INSPIRATION – “Hey, if he can do it, so can I!” “Sure, I might have kids and debt to pay down, but that is awesome and I want to do it too.”
nerd-fitness  travel  adventure 
10 days ago by abemaingi
Night in the Woods on Steam
A story about small town America and the problems we're currently facing. Follows a college dropout coming home after a time away. Very nice art style, great writing, hits a lot of good feelings.
finished  videogames  adventure  narrative  platformer 
12 days ago by wexxy

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