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On the Rise of Digital Addiction Activism - Study Hacks - Cal Newport
“At the core of almost everything negative about the smartphone era is the attention economy business model, which depends on getting a massive number of people to use free products for as many minutes as possible. This model, of course, dates back to the beginning of mass media, but the combination of big data and machine learning techniques, along with careful attention engineering, has made many modern apps too good at their objective of hijacking your mind — leaving users feeling exhausted and unnerved at their perceived loss of autonomy.”
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folk in - we're bundling up and heading your way for an Under Think It…
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What are the pros and cons of SpyFu? - Quora
I work for SpyFu so obviously have a biased view, but also a pretty in-depth knowledge of our strengths and weaknesses. Our main strength is innovation. We basically created the keyword espionage vertical and have continued to innovate with comparison metrics (Kombat/Keyword Smart Search), ad history, and now SEO white label reports (Recon Files). Several good competitors have followed suit in this vertical including KeywordSpy, Ispionage, and SEMRush.
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The 2018 Kellogg Bowl - STRONGBRANDS
Advertising Framework "ADPLAN"
- Attention
- Distinction
- Positioning
- Linkage
- Amplification
- Net Equity
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RT : We provide digital service for brands and individuals

Enjoy 24hrs s…
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Luxury Dublin hotel bans all social media influencers | The Independent
A hotel has banned YouTubers and Instagram stars - after a 22-year-old YouTuber asked for a five-night free stay and broke down in tears when she was bluntly refused.
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3 days ago by dk33per
Ads Don’t Work That Way | Melting Asphalt
So for an ad to work by cultural imprinting, it's not enough for it to be seen by a single person, or even by many people individually. It has to be broadcast publicly, in front of a large audience. I have to see the ad, but I also have to know (or suspect) that most of my friends have seen the ad too. Thus we will expect to find imprinting ads on billboards, bus stops, subways, stadiums, and any other public location, and also in popular magazines and TV shows — in other words, in broadcast media. But we would not expect to find cultural-imprinting ads on flyers, door tags, or direct mail. Similarly, internet search ads and banner ads are inimical to cultural imprinting because the internet is so fragmented. Everyone lives in his or her own little online bubble. When I see a Google search ad, I have no idea whether the rest of my peers have seen that ad or not.
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