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The gender wars of household chores: a feminist comic | World news | The Guardian
The French comic artist Emma illustrates the concept of the ‘mental load’. When a man expects his partner to ask him to do things, he is viewing her as the manager of their household chores
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4 hours ago by steveworsley
10 Impressive Questions to Ask in a Job Interview
Here are the ten best questions to ask in an interview — to both impress your potential employer, and figure out if it’s the right job for you.
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6 hours ago by bradbarrish
Steve Blank How to Keep Your Job As Your Company Grows
What should my CEO have done?
When my CEO was explaining to me how the company needed to change to grow, he was explaining facts while I was processing deeply held feelings. The changes in the organization and my role represented what I was about to lose. And when people feel they’re going to lose something deeply important, it triggers an emotional response because change feels like a threat. It’s not an excuse for my counterproductive behavior, but explains why I acted out like I did.

Loss of Certainty? Startups and VC’s have historically operated on the “I’ll deal with this later” principle in letting early employees know what happens as the company scales. The common wisdom is that no one would want to work like crazy knowing that they might not be the ones to lead as the company grows. I call this the Moses-problem – you work for years to get the tribe to the promised land – but you’re not allowed to cross over. The company needs to give formal recognition for those individuals who brought the tribe to the promised land.

Lessons Learned

VC’s, Founders and CEOs now recognize that startups grow through different stages: Search, Build and Grow
They recognize that employees need different skills at each stage
And that some of the original employees won’t grow into the next stage
But while these changes make rational sense to the CEO and the board, to early employees these changes feel like a real and tangible personal loss
Loss of Status and Identity
Loss of Community
Loss of Autonomy
Loss of Certainty
Loss of Fairness
CEOs need to put processes in places to acknowledge and deal with the real sense of loss
These will keep early employees motivated – and retained
And build a stronger company
For employees, how you handle change will affect the trajectory of your career and possibly your net worth
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14 hours ago by rauschen
The Lens Every Photographer Should Have and Use: the 35mm | B&H Explora
To answer the question posed by fellow writer Todd Vorenkamp in his article about the venerable 50mm prime, the lens I would choose if I were to be stranded on a desert island would have to be a 35mm prime. Sure, the 50mm is an old and reliable choice that should cover most subjects, but it doesn’t work amazingly for anything specific and, frankly, I think it’s a little boring these days. The 35mm, on full-frame of course, will open the door to a different type of imaging experience, and it can do pretty much anything the 50mm can do, plus a bit more.
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yesterday by timstahmer
Why You Should Go Beyond the Kit Lens | B&H Explora
Adding lenses to your quiver is all about choices and selection and, in photography, we often find ourselves at a sort of "gear crossroads." The first crossroad is during the initial purchase of a camera: what brand, how many megapixels, which kit, etc. The next is when we debate which lenses to add to our camera bags or, to not add lenses at all.
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yesterday by timstahmer
How To Build An Audience Before Launching Your Crowdfunding Campaign
Create a dedicated landing page for sign-ups, send newsletters at regular intervals, have a consistent social media presence.
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yesterday by jeromekatz
How to Close More Revenue Today -- With The Leads You Already Have. Use The "3 L's". | SaaStr
Use Lead Scoring, Lead Routing and Lead Rationing to more efficiently grow business.
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yesterday by jeromekatz

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