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Vim: Seven habits of effective text editing
If you spend a lot of time typing plain text, writing programs or HTML, you can save much of that time by using a good editor and using it effectively. This paper will present guidelines and hints for doing your work more quickly and with fewer mistakes.
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yesterday by kmt
How to say no
Here are a few ways to kindly and firmly say no when you need to focus.
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yesterday by garrettc
35 habits that make you write bad code | Codementor
"Today, I'm going to share with you what I think are the top 35 bad programming habits among four categories: Code organization, teamwork, writing code, and testing & maintenance."
programming  advice 
2 days ago by ddribin
Learn by Numbers: Eleven Lessons Taught Only in Design School: Design Observer
Good list.

"9. Design is not “problem solving.”
This conceit is a historical artifact from the mid-20th century when design adopted the science/rational speak infecting all parts of society, particularly business. Shrewdly, design recognized a change in rhetoric was necessary to appear like sober “designocrats” and not a batch of graphic beatniks. It’s a clumsy distancing from “making art,” which binary-minded designers regard as the opposite.

Though we’re way past that era, the problem-solving trope still rolls right off designers’ collective tongues. Problems are found in math, where, unlike design, there’s one solution. If you’re a reductio ad absurdum aficionado, all design is definable as problem solving. So are most pursuits. Design education offers relevant, practical, and inspiring alternatives models for design activity."
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2 days ago by gpe

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