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Ten things I have learned - Milton Glaser
> Of course we must know the difference between skepticism and cynicism because cynicism is as much a restriction of one's openness to the world as passionate belief is. They are sort of twins. And then in a very real way, solving any problem is more important than being right.

> Iris Murdoch in her obituary. It read ' Love is the extremely difficult realization that something other than oneself is real.'
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18 hours ago by patrick-dd
How to Read a Contract
a free e-course for artists & freelancers
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yesterday by locuna
College Advice I Wish I’d Taken
Susan Shapiro/The New York Times, Oct. 17, 2017.
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yesterday by markcoddington
College Advice I Wish I’d Taken - The New York Times
A professor looks back at how they saw college when they attended vs. what they see now as a teacher. Some of the comments also have good points - many in line with the articles', some contrary.

(I'd also add that college offers many sorts of opportunities, and the best ones to focus on are the areas you need the most practice in. If you're already great at academics but struggle with making friends and social situations, then yes, spend some focus on learning to be social at the expense of A's - it's not graded, but is sure something that will both enrich your life and help your eventual career.)
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yesterday by mindways
git - Should composer.lock be committed to version control? - Stack Overflow
Really need to read and understand this to understand Composer, Git and Deployments and avoid issues.
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yesterday by racl101
The Missing Career Path for the Technical Expert — Bet On Yourself
Extrinsic rewards like money are nice, but what we really want from our careers is more intrinsic. We want meaning. In his classic book Drive, Daniel Pink argues that motivation and performance come from having autonomy, mastery and purpose.
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2 days ago by bwiese

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