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Why I Write CSS in JavaScript
* Painless maintenance
* No more append-only stylesheets
* Send only critical CSS for a rapid first paint
* Dynamic styling
CSS-in-JS  advocacy  webdev 
15 hours ago by dandv
How To Fix Polarization: Get Politicians Out of Cars - POLITICO
A movement to ask local politicians to commit to taking public transit to/from work one day a week.
transit  publictransit  advocacy  urbanplanning  politics  cities 
yesterday by npdoty
Empathy is a Technical Skill
Empathy, like software, is a deeply technical topic that can challenge you in the best way while making your life richer and more rewarding. An empathy-focused approach to software development.
empathy  programming  skill  advocacy  psychology  work  organization 
yesterday by gilberto5757
The Absolute Truths of Technology Marketing
Content marketing is the answer…until it is not.
Outbound marketing is the answer…until it is not.
Advocacy marketing is the answer…until it is not.
Better data (the “answer” de jour) is the answer…until it is not.

Abandon the search for absolute solutions. Embrace adaptivity and discover what is most appropriate for your situation."
go-to-market  advocacy  marketing  content  outbound  strategy  tactics 
4 days ago by jonerp

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