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Bombardierung der Klinik von Ärzte ohne Grenzen in Kundus – Wikipedia
Bei der Bombardierung der Klinik von Ärzte ohne Grenzen in Kundus durch mehrere gezielte Luftangriffe auf das Hauptgebäude der Klinik durch ein Flugzeug der Streitkräfte der USA im Norden Afghanistans wurden in den frühen Morgenstunden des 3. Oktober 2015 30 Menschen getötet, darunter 13 Angestellte von Ärzte ohne Grenzen und 10 Patienten. Drei davon waren Kinder. 37 Menschen wurden zum Teil schwer verletzt.[1][2] Von neun Patienten fehlte zwei Wochen später immer noch jede Spur.[3]
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7 days ago by snearch
Women for Women International
Their mission:
"In countries affected by conflict and war, Women for Women International supports the most marginalized women to earn and save money, improve health and well-being, influence decisions in their home and community, and connect to networks for support. By utilizing skills, knowledge, and resources, she is able to create sustainable change for herself, her family, and community."

Founded in 1993 by Zainab Salbi, since then performed more than 400'000 year-long educational programmes.

International section of UK-based headquarter (

So far supported projects in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Congo, Iraq, Kosovo, Nigeria and Rwanda.

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11 days ago by eocas
More Afghan Children Are Out of School, Reversing a Trend - The New York Times
Afghanistan’s out-of-school population has risen to 3.7 million, or 44 percent of the school-age population, compared with 3.5 million, or 40 percent of the school-age population, a few years ago
12 days ago by yorksranter
Abdul’s brother went out to buy flour. He never came home
The freelance reporter who recently tracked down Ali Jan’s family for Fairfax
australia  war  afghanistan 
13 days ago by bgrinter
I Had Dinner With the Afghan Ambassador. What He Said About the Differences Between Trump, Obama Is Stunning
It comes as no surprise that with each new American administration, a diplomatic chain reaction is felt the world over. The Bush years were marked by a heavy-handed, and sometimes ham-handed, forceful approach to American diplomacy. From NATO, to pan-Asia relationships, to the Middle East, Bush dealt from a position of cultural strength and a philosophy firmly rooted in Pax Americana. Was this approach successful? Historians certainly disagree.
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14 days ago by Jswindle
RT : Unglaublich: (geheimer) Lagebericht zu bestätigt instabile Sicherheitslage & Kanzlerin will…
Afghanistan  from twitter_favs
15 days ago by reinhard_codes
Sustainable peace is possible in , but there has to be a more broadly inclusive process. As part…
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16 days ago by kerim
As the long war rages on, a Ranger’s sacrifice is remembered | Houston Chronicle | May 27, 2018
Clovis Ray '99 was an outstanding athlete with an analytical mind. The former banker and San Antonio native rated his chances of dying in Afghanistan at 14 percent. “I figure we have about 70 patrols left. So I’m doing my best to mitigate risk over the next few months,” the Army platoon leader wrote his twin brother, Ed '99, in a Jan. 6, 2012, email. Clovis was killed by an IED two months after he wrote his brother. He was 34. Over Memorial Day, the memories of the young athlete, scholar and mentor still burn in the hearts of family, old friends and comrades, who question whether his sacrifice was in vain. Andrew Borene '98 was quoted.
macnews  Classof1999  Afghanistan  war  Ranger  piper 
24 days ago by macalestercollege
Operators Are Bitterly Infighting Over The Latest Medal Of Honor Announcement
A Special Forces engagement early in the Afghanistan war which resulted in a man being left behind.
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28 days ago by perich
Snake Charmers, Whistles & Coconut Oil – TOUCHSTONES
Ram Chandra’s real name was Edward Royce Ramsamy. “Our real family name was Binbarba,” explains Ken. “We dropped the ‘Bin’ and just made it Barba.” And for those who have been trying to pick Ben’s ethnicity – aside from indigenous – Ken explains: “We think Mum’s father was Afghan" // fascinating - his grandad chose a Hindu-sounding stage name in order to be more foreign
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4 weeks ago by yorksranter

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