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Miniflux - RSS reader
is a minimalist and opinionated feed reader
reader  aggregator  golang  rss 
17 hours ago by amason
Indiepaper: A read later service built for the open web
Have you ever stumbled upon an article that you want to read, but don't have the time to read right away? Indiepaper is here to help! Send your articles to Indiepaper using the bookmarklet, macOS app, or iOS Workflow, and Indiepaper will extract the article contents and save it for later by publishing to your micropub server.

Indiepaper pairs wonderfully with microsub servers like Aperture and Indie Reader apps like Together, Indigenous, and Monocle.
indieweb  microsub  reading  aggregator 
yesterday by segfault
Welcome to the Atari History Museum
The Atari History Museum: The interenets premiere site for information, images and history of Atari
atari  history  aggregator 
2 days ago by piotrlewandowski
News API - A JSON API for live news and blog articles
Search worldwide news articles and headlines from all over the web in real-time with our free News API.
news  info  get  API  call  request  find  search  keyword  query  data  aggregator  dataset  multiple  datasource  source  several  aggregate  workflow  siri  shortcut  shortcuts 
2 days ago by ebouchut
Food+Tech Connect Food Tech Startup & Innovation : News, Trends & Events
Food+Tech Connect is the site of record and community for the food tech and innovation sector. We give innovators the tech and business insights, connections and skills you need to transform the food industry.

We are at the beginning of the most radical transformation of our food industry since the Green Revolution. From sensors and software that help farmers improve margins, to crowdfunding platforms that help food artisans kick-start their business, to big data and apps that allow consumers to make more informed choices, there has been an explosion of startups and innovators who are disrupting how food is produced, distributed, sold and consumed. And for the past five years, we’ve been honored to be the voice of and hub for this revolution.
reference  food  tech  blog  news  aggregator 
19 days ago by cyberchucktx

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