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Fun Retrospectives
Activities and ideas for making agile retrospectives more engaging
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12 hours ago by cerebe
RT : In the last week I've stumbled on to a couple stories about "transformations" that seem to have gone wrong b…
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3 days ago by briantrice
Agile Transformation Management: Managing Large-Scale Change in a Fast-Changing World
Three root causes for the frequent failure of large change efforts to deliver on their promises:
1. Lack of transparency in change portfolios leads to incoherent transformation efforts.
2. Traditional transformation management approaches force programs into long delivery cycles, and are unable to keep up with agile ways of working.
3. Change leaders get disengaged and delegate key responsibilities.

BCG Elements of agile transformation
1. Program Maturity Process
2. Agile planning cycle
3. Impact Center
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3 days ago by tom.reeder
RT : You will only know all the requirements of a story when it is completed (not before you start it)
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3 days ago by davidvc

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