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Why Isn’t Agile Working? – Hacker Noon
Woefully behind on comment replies. Apologies. I’ll get to ‘em. Response to this one caught me off guard.
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The new dynamics of strategy: sense-making in a complex and complicated world | the morning paper
Classifying systems into:
1. Obvious: Known causes and effects. Often linear relationship. Use methodologies or processes.
2. Complicated: Knowable causes and effects. Often separated over time or space. Sense, analyze, then respond. Agile methods.
3. Complex: Un-order. Emergent patterns can be perceived, but not predicted. Stabilize useful patterns. Destabilize harmful ones. Seed the space to encourage healthy patterns.
4. Chaotic: No perceivable cause and effect. Turbulent. Act quickly and decisively to reduce turbulence.
5. Disordered: Cannot even tell which of the above domains the system is in.

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