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FDA issues warning about young-blood transfusions | Scientific American
The quest to rejuvenate aging people with the blood of young donors has generated paying customers, captured the popular imagination, and, now, prompted a warning from the Food and Drug Administration. Matt Kaeberlein is quoted.
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1 hour ago by UWMedicine
When hospice care goes wrong, where can you turn? - Los Angeles Times
When hospice care goes wrong, where can you turn?

Steve Lopez. The Los Angeles Times. February 16, 2019
hospice  aging 
4 days ago by asfaltics
Oh, No Reason: A Gallery Of Black Women The Same Age As Sarah Huckabee Sanders
this is pretty mean, but it is also pretty fascinating to see how melanin/lack of melanin + genetics + stress + being different kinds of a celebrity can affect people

there are 10 billion ads on this site, just like the # of cultures in my probiotic
sarah_huckabee_sanders  melanin  aging 
5 days ago by skwak
New molecules reverse memory loss linked to depression, aging
A single dose of these new molecules was administered in preclinical models of stress-induced memory loss. Thirty minutes later, memory performance returned to normal levels, an experiment that was reproduced more than 15 times.Β 
science  memory  medicine  aging 
7 days ago by emkay
When Is the surgeon too old to operate? | The New York Times
A handful of hospitals have instituted mandatory screening procedures for medical professionals over 70. Many have been unenthusiastic about the idea. Surgeon Patchen Dellinger is quoted.
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8 days ago by UWMedicine

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