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Deep Learning For Coders—36 hours of lessons for free's practical deep learning MOOC for coders. Learn CNNs, RNNs, computer vision, NLP, recommendation systems, pytorch, time series, and much more
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4 hours ago by otlib
From Scratch: AI Balancing Act in 50 Lines of Python
building a simple reinforcement learning example using and the Open.AI playground
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4 hours ago by tswaterman
Deep Learning For Coders—36 hours of lessons for free
Welcome to the 2018 edition of's 7 week course, Practical Deep Learning For Coders, Part 1, taught by Jeremy Howard (Kaggle's #1 competitor 2 years running, and founder of Enlitic). Learn how to build state of the art models without needing graduate-level math—but also without dumbing anything down. Oh one other thing... it's totally free!
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6 hours ago by whip_lash

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