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Summer 2017 News Analysis - SAP Leonard event July 2017 - by @holgermu
"CxOs know that the 20th century best practices will not keep their enterprise in the survival race of the early 21st century. Design Thinking work shops are nothing new, and have proven themselves in the past. What is new is that an enterprise software vendor of the caliber of SAP is ready to partner with enterprises to establish these new best practices. This ensures integration with the rest of SAP automation and the potential bonus of becoming part of the roadmap. In the traditional approach it was clear that the work would always remain a custom effort – with the associated integration burden and maintenance costs following from a custom effort"
ai  bi  cloud  constellation  research  holger  mueller  iot  leonardo  machine  learning  nextgen  apps  paas  sap  platform 
22 hours ago by jonerp
TensorKart: self-driving MarioKart with TensorFlow
TensorKart: self-driving MarioKart with TensorFlow - Added January 04, 2017 at 11:51AM
ai  machine-learning  tensorflow 
22 hours ago by xenocid
AgentScript is a minimalist Agent Based Modeling (ABM) framework based on NetLogo agent semantics. Its goal is to promote the Agent Oriented Programming model in a highly deployable CoffeeScript/JavaScript implementation. Please drop by our Google Group to get involved. We have a gh-pages site
analysis  ai  javascript 
22 hours ago by ajturner
Amazon’s New Robo-Picker Champion Is Proudly Inhuman - MIT Technology Review
It only needs to see seven images of a new object before it can reliably spot and grab it.
Robotics  AI 
yesterday by generoche49
Waste not, sell lots – Contagious I/O
A startup is bringing the dynamic pricing system used by airlines to retail, in a bid to reduce waste and save the industry billions of dollars.
Wasteless claims to have devised a system using machine learning and product tracking that allows supermarkets ‘to sell more and waste less’ by managing inventory and prices in real-time. Put simply, it automatically reduces the price of food that’s been sitting on the shelf too long
retail  ai  algorithms 
yesterday by dancall

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