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Why Business Intelligence Needs Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Natural Language Generation (NLG)
The future is fast paced. Are we, we as mankind, stepping into “World 4.0” era? Is “world 4.0” era better term than “Industry 4.0”? Artificial intelligence robots are scaring us, but, they are arriving in our businesses and no one can stop this. In the world of wearable gadgets for time management and setting schedule around business affairs – you will meet a small group of people who have worked very hard, often inspired by friends and family who they wanted to help. You will not find a robot empire, but pockets of amazing people who want simply to leverage artificial intelligence to help business processes they care about to overcome lethargy, bring automation and grow productivity.
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Data journalism’s AI opportunity: the 3 different types of machine learning & how they have already been used | Online Journalism Blog
This week I’m rounding off the first semester of classes on the new MA in Data Journalism with a session on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Machine learning is a subset of AI — and an area which holds enormous potential for journalism, both as a tool and as a subject for journalistic scrutiny.
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