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Uber’s Self-Driving Cars Were Struggling Before Arizona Crash - The New York Times
“With autonomy, the edge cases kill you, so you’ve got to build out for all the edge cases,” Mr. Khosrowshahi said at a conference in November.
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Robert Mercer (businessman) - Wikipedia
Robert Leroy Mercer (born July 11, 1946)[2] is an American computer scientist, who was a developer in early artificial intelligence and co-CEO of Renaissance Technologies, a hedge fund.[3][2][4]
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The computer repair in Cleburne, TX tips Daily
The latest The computer repair in Cleburne, TX tips Daily!
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Picks for Today!
The latest Picks for Today!! Thanks to
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Word Embeddings: Explaining their properties – Off the convex path
Why do Semantic Relations correspond to Directions?
Remember the striking discovery in the word2vec paper: word analogy tasks can be solved by simple linear algebra. For example, the word analogy question man : woman ::king : ?? can be solved by looking for the word w such that vking−vw is most similar to vman−vwoman; in other words, minimizes

This strongly suggests that semantic relations —in the above example, the relation is masculine-feminine—correspond to directions in space. However, this interpretation is challenged by Levy and Goldberg who argue there is no linear algebra magic here, and the expression can be explained simply in terms of traditional connection between word similarity and vector inner product (cosine similarity). See also this related blog post.
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This can be considered a case study of ethics and , questioning the judgment and ethics of humans
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