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Roll Your Own Backpacking First Aid Kit - Section Hikers Backpacking Blog
I carry a 6-ounce personal first aid kit when I go day hiking and backpacking. I roll my own first aid kit and buy all the ingredients in quantity.
firstaid  first  aid  backpacking  medical  kit 
yesterday by andrewcox
Live Aid: The Terrible Truth | SPIN
He never replied, and our report, in July 1986, shocked the world. That is not an overstatement. It comprehensively exposed the fraudulent use of the charitable money by unmistakably the world’s most brutal dictator, and the naive, hubris-drenched, unwitting complicity of Live Aid and Geldof.
history  journalism  politics  development  aid  pop-culture 
24 days ago by ayamnotkambing
Are risks over multiple attributes traded off? A case study of aid - ScienceDirect
"Understanding decisions in situations involving multiple risks is vital in many contexts, including the provision of aid to developing countries. Aid typically involves trade-offs over multiple, desirable, but risky outcomes. We partner with an aid organisation and design a laboratory experiment to investigate multi-attribute risk preferences in the context of donations to risky aid projects. We find significant differences between attitudes over single risk outcomes in monetary and non-monetary domains. Our results show that individuals are generally multi-attribute risk averse and view aid outcomes as substitutes rather than complements. These preferences of donors contrast sharply with the views of experts and aid agencies, who tend to emphasise the complementary nature of aid outcomes. Finally, when individuals make risky donation decisions with their own money rather than someone else's money, the degree of risk aversion decreases markedly."
risk-aversion  JEBO  glen.harrison  aid  donations 
4 weeks ago by MarcK
Tympan : open source hearing systems
Teensy 3.6 processor with CODEC, Bluetooth and two onboard MEMS mics as well as additional pins out for I2S bus, SPI bus and UART. Plus it's Arduino IDE friendly. We at Tympan are committed to open source software and hardware development. We believe that in making our research and development accessible, we can contribute to accelerating widespread use of audio technologies.
opensource  hearing  aid  medical  audio  sumi 
6 weeks ago by cyberchucktx
Expanding the use of hearing devices through fashion | Hub
Kevin Franck seeks to increase adoption of needed hearing devices through tech and style advances
hearing  aid  acceptance  tech  style 
9 weeks ago by gdw
הקשר הסורי: הסיפור האמיתי | עובדה
At the end of 2012, rebels first entered for a meeting with Israeli Unit 504 of the IDF (human intelligence) after an officer serving along the border chatted with Syrian rebels through his tracker (usually a Bedouin) near Breiqa. 4 Syrians entered in that first meeting. During this and subsequent meetings, the issue of providing security around the border area for medical care was mentioned.

In 2013, Israel's Defense Minister, Moshe Yaalon, meets with 3 rebel commanders. "The meeting, of course, was in our territory."

Weeks later, the Syrians call asking for medical care. One of the rebel commanders who coordinated the evacuation asked Israel to hide the coordination from his faction, to pretend that they do not know him. The first group was made up of 7 rebels.

There was a limited budget for the medical care and the Israelis in charge of deciding who comes in refused some cases because they were deemed very expensive.

One of Israel's key interlocutors who was a rebel commander around Breiqa who owned a clothing shop before the revolution. He joined the rebels after seeing the regime firing at protesters. He was a young man with gel in his hair. In 2013, Israel made a deal with this man - intelligence for medical care for members of his faction.

Meetings were held in the Hazeqa base opposite Be'r Ajam. Unit 504 maintained daily contact with this commander. He provided intelligence about the location of a group intending to carry out a terrorist attack in late 2013 and prevents it. He was injured in the fighting when the regime advanced on southern Syria and died.

The program mentions foreign reports about rebels providing intelligence for the assassination of Samir Kuntar, but does not confirm it.

"Multiple" attacks were prevented thanks to this cooperation with the rebels, according to a retired officer in Unit 504.

The program mentions the provision of light arms very briefly (one sentence). The program mentions at the end that Israel provided training to Syrian rebels on how to secure evidence of CW attacks. The rebels brought an object (probably a shell casing or something like this) that "provided the first proof of nerve agent use" to the international community. This intelligence was provided to Obama during his visit to Israel [March 2013].
Mar15  Israel  aid  FSA  Quneitra 
11 weeks ago by elizrael
Turkey sends weapons to Syrian rebels facing Russian-backed assault: Syrian sources - Reuters, May 25, 2019
Ankara stepped up supplies in recent days after failing to persuade Russia in recent meetings of a joint working group that it should end its escalation to avert a major influx of refugees pouring into Turkey, two senior opposition figures said.

The delivery of dozens of armoured vehicles, Grad rocket launchers, anti-tank guided missiles and so-called TOW missiles, helped roll back some army gains and retake the strategically located town of Kfar Nabouda, one senior opposition figure said.
Mar15  Turkey  aid  Idlib  Hama  weapons 
12 weeks ago by elizrael

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