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BBC - Travel - How Fiji changed the way we travel
Use of GPS for aircraft navigation pioneered in Fiji partly because its such a large area that putting in traditional navigation beacons was not cost effective. Also some interesting details on the cost savings GPS allows: more direct routes, planes closer together, less need to carry extra fuel in case get lost.
gps  air-travel  navigation  transport 
march 2019 by mr_stru
Thank You for Waiting by Simon Armitage | Proletarian Poetry
"Thank you for waiting. Accredited Beautiful People
may now board, plus any gentleman carrying a copy
of this month’s Cigar Aficionado magazine, plus subscribers
to our Red Diamond, Black Opal or Blue Garnet promotion.
We also welcome Sapphire, Ruby and Emerald members
at this time, followed by Amethyst, Onyx, Obsidian, Jet,
Topaz and Quartz members. Priority Lane customers,
Fast Track customers, Chosen Elite customers,
Preferred Access customers and First Among Equals customers
may also now board."
simon-armitage  poetry  air-travel 
july 2018 by 1jh

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