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I can confirm that can survive a trip through the washing machine and still work perfectly.

I wis…
airpods  from twitter_favs
2 days ago by jerrythepunkrat
Wireless Charging Case for AirPods - Apple
This would probably be a good item for one’s wishlist, eh?
wishlist  2019  apple  airpods  travel 
4 days ago by handcoding
My Setup — MacSparky
For years now I've been receiving emails from readers and listeners asking me to keep a post on the website describing my current setup. It's always been a page I've wanted to add to the website but also something just out of reach in my OmniFocus lists. In the upcoming episode of Mac Power Users, Stephen and I stray into our individual setups, and I committed, on air, to have my setup posted on the website by the time of publication. It's still a bit of a work in progress but ... alas … it lives!
setup  MPU  imac_pro  scanning  printing  ipad_pro  iphoneXS  airpods  battery  podcast 
9 days ago by rgl7194
Success rate of “hey Siri” being recognized on new is terrible, maybe 5/100 and I have to speak awkwardly…
AirPods  from twitter
16 days ago by tobym
AirPods Are a Tragedy
> Being willing to ignore the weird appearance of AirPods makes a statement: if you’re okay with overlooking how strange-looking they are, then you must be somewhat proud to be wearing them.

​> Commodities like AirPods are social products. AirPods display the social message of wealth because AirPods derive their value from the invisible, social chain of production that’s necessary to make them in the first place.

> Thus, AirPods strategically glue together an ecosystem of luxury products. They are only so “convenient” because, by eliminating the headphone jack, Apple made the iPhone less user-friendly.

​> AirPods are disposable products that are also impossible to throw away.

​> On a global scale, our economic system is predicated on a disregard for longevity, because it’s more profitable for companies to make products that die than it is to make products that last.

​> They’re physical manifestations of a global economic system that allows some people to buy and easily lose $160 headphones, and leaves other people at risk of death to produce those products. If AirPods are anything, they’re future fossils of capitalism.
airpods  recycling  capitalism  apple  labor 
18 days ago by jasdev
AirPods Are a Tragedy - VICE
Apple claims that AirPods are building a “wireless future.” Many people think they're a symbol of disposable wealth. The truth is bleaker.
apple  tech  airpods  via:popular  anthropocene  capitalism  consumerism  environment 
18 days ago by cglinka
Airpods are a tragedy • Vice
Caroline Haskins with the first (?) of a series about "what if you found these artefacts in a thousand years' time":
<p>For roughly 18 months, AirPods play music, or podcasts, or make phone calls. Then the lithium-ion batteries will stop holding much of a charge, and the AirPods will slowly become unusable. They can’t be repaired because they're glued together. They can’t be thrown out, or else the lithium-ion battery may start a fire in the garbage compactor. They can’t be easily recycled, because there’s no safe way to separate the lithium-ion battery from the plastic shell. Instead, the AirPods sit in your drawer forever.

Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit, which does electronics teardowns and sells repair tools and parts, told Motherboard that AirPods are “evil.” According to the headphones review team at, AirPods are "below-average" in terms of sound quality. According to people on every social media platform, AirPods are a display of wealth.

But more than a pair of headphones, AirPods are an un-erasable product of culture and class. People in working or impoverished economic classes are responsible for the life-threatening, exhaustive, violent work of removing their parts from the ground and assembling them. Meanwhile, people in the global upper class design and purchase AirPods.</p>

*Microsoft Clippy voice* Hi there! It looks like you're critiquing capitalism! Would you like to follow your logic through to its effects on your life?
Airpods  apple  capitalism 
18 days ago by charlesarthur
AirPods Are a Tragedy - VICE
Apple claims that AirPods are building a “wireless future.” Many people think they're a symbol of disposable wealth. The truth is bleaker.
apple  tech  airpods  environment  recycling  battery 
18 days ago by mirthe

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