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Linking Between Tables
I can see why airtable has become popular with ux like this. Makes joins b/n tables fairly intuitive
doc-page  ux  airtable  join 
10 days ago by cldwalker
Airtable Universe
Welcome to Airtable Universe, a vibrant community of creators and creatives sharing their inspiring projects with the world.
airtable  spreadsheet  templates 
6 weeks ago by tribbles
Web database builder, simple as Excel, powerful as a database. - Ragic
Build real-world enterprise applications with simple spreadsheet interface.
airtable  clone  alternative  db 
6 weeks ago by garcon
A Comprehensive Guide to Using Airtable as a Personal CRM
I also built an Airtable for this, though it wasn't as nice. I ended up giving Monica a try instead, but it's not great, either. I might switch back to Airtable and use this as a starting point.
airtable  personal  database  adulting  crm 
6 weeks ago by jacobian
Airtable - Learning Conferences
Explore the "Learning Conferences" base on Airtable.
airtable  spreadsheet  conferences  learning 
6 weeks ago by bonni208

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