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Alan Application Platform - By M-industries
Alan is a low code platform that enables the rapid development of data centric applications. Instead of the traditional relational database + 3GL or 4GL language, the core of Alan is a data modelling language that automatically generates full stack applications.

It feels like prototyping, and let's you go from back-of-the-napkin to a running application in minutes.
framework  data  datascience  platform  alan 
7 days ago by wjy
(37) Alan Mellor's answer to What did you learn as a software developer? - Quora
It’s impossible to forecast how long a big piece of work will take
It’s impossible to forecast small pieces of work if there are any unknowns. There usually are
Social skills matter more than you think
Usually adding more people makes everything worse
Your perfect design will not survive the next requirements
Your hacked up design will kill your ability to change code quickly
Most developers use the word ‘performance’ as an excuse to not change something
There’s a library for that, whatever it is
You have to write code to be read by a given audience, like a book
Simple always wins
It’s better to ship a little and often
The reward for doing good work is more work, often with less time
There is a lot of fantasy about earnings
There is a cult around algorithms
Languages are tribal
Unit tests speed development not slow it
Nobody has a crystal ball
It’s tiring when you have to solve difficult puzzles
Use all the help you can get
Startups, product companies, consulting all have very different values
You will have a disaster with your name on it
Some developers are really very rude and up themselves
They usually mellow with age
Everything looks easy when you start
Words mean exactly what other people want them to mean
Wannabe developer managers are painful
Point counter managers are painful
Managing developers can be like herding cats
You can find little rewards in even the dullest projects
Great developers question stuff
All things considered, it’s a pretty good career
Software  development  developer  what  did  you  learn  truths  alan  mellor 
10 weeks ago by theskett

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