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Prohibition’s surprising success - Vox
America’s anti-alcohol experiment cut down on drinking and drinking-related deaths — and it may have reduced crime and violence overall.
alcohol  history  death  crime  drug  prohibition  capone  better  alternative  stories  vox  news 
20 hours ago by xer0x
How to Talk Bourbon: 11 Slang Terms Every Wannabe Expert Should Know • Gear Patrol
Don't know what a tater is? How about a honey hole? Our guide to bourbon terms covers everything you need to know to sound like an expert.
bourbon  whiskey  alcohol  gearpatrol  howto 
2 days ago by geglover
The Reason Experts Can’t Agree on High Proof Whiskey • Gear Patrol
Why are whiskey geeks seeking out higher and higher proof booze, and is it any better?
whiskey  bourbon  gearpatrol  alcohol 
4 days ago by geglover
Knob Creek Is Battling Back Against the Worst Trend in Bourbon • Gear Patrol
Knob Creek's flagship, always-available bourbon is getting its age statement back. Here's why that matters.
whiskey  bourbon  gearpatrol  alcohol 
4 days ago by geglover
Sixpoint Sweet Action Puts Substance Over Style | October
Best of all, you can refrigerate the whole contraption, crack it open to drink the contents, then carry on playing. How the hell did they pull that off? After three months of tinkering, the engineers figured out how to wrap a flexible printed circuit board (PCB) around the cans. The metal dome switches are glued on top with an adhesive.

With such a limited number of Cantrollers hitting the market (at least for now), you can bet these will be snapped up fast. If you have mad Street Fighter skills and want to win one, you can challenge comedian Eric Andre to a one-on-one battle at E3 in Los Angeles. You can enter for your chance to test your mettle and possibly score one of the coveted cans here.
alcohol  gaming  funny  makers 
4 days ago by dancall
Michelob Ultra turns Father's Day tributes on Instagram into real cards | Mobile Marketer
Michelob Ultra aims to help Instagram users pay tribute to their dads on Father’s Day by turning their #FathersDay posts into real postcards and sending them to dads. The campaign is driven by the disparity between the 8.5 million #FathersDay posts on Instagram and the 1.6 million dads who actually use the image-sharing app, per an announcement shared with Mobile Marketer. 
alcohol  pics  instagram  o2o  creative 
4 days ago by dancall
How Nutcrackers Became New York’s Best Hustle
Basically the rum punch from hell: cheap, sweet, mega-strong, and sold on NYC streets in the summer.
alcohol  nyc  ny  us  history 
5 days ago by mechazoidal
Drug ODs, suicides soaring among millennials: US News & World Report
So-called "deaths of despair" are skyrocketing among millennials, with thousands of 18- to 34-year-olds losing their lives to drugs, alcohol and suicide each year, a new report says. Dr. Andrew Saxon, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the UW, is quoted.
!UWM  Area:Psychiatry  suicide  alcohol  Saxon.Andrew 
5 days ago by UWMedicine

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