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march 2019 by incep
Do Startups Have a Drinking Problem? — Backchannel
It’s buying a keg or having a built-in bar instead of articulating company culture.
alcohol  startup  culture  alcoholic  personalaccount  BackChannel  Medium  2016 
may 2016 by inspiral
Top 10 Girl Drinks a Man Should Never Order
If it’s your first date and you order a girly drink in front of her, there most likely won’t be a second: Alcoholic Sodas (e.g. Mike's Hard Lemonade), Red Headed Slut (shot), Piña Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, Cosmopolitan, Apple-Tini, Lemon Drop, Amaretto Sour, Fuzzy Navel, Sex on the Beach.
masculinity  alcoholic  alcohol  beverage  drink  drinking  advice  beware  article  intoxicology 
january 2016 by aeng
Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster recipe
The Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster is "The best [fictional] drink in existence" and appears many times in the series "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" where its effect is described as being "rather like having your brains smashed out with a slice of lemon, wrapped around a large gold brick".
recipe  alcoholic  hitchhikersguide  sciencefiction  scifi  humor  drink 
may 2015 by cyberchucktx

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