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What the SATs Taught Us about Finding the Perfect Fit | Stitch Fix Technology – Multithreaded
On the Stitch Fix Algorithms team, we’ve always been in awe of what professional stylists are able to do, especially when it comes to knowing a customer’s si...
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yesterday by morganwatch
AI-Assisted Fake Porn Is Here and We’re All Fucked - Motherboard
we're on the verge of living in a world where it's trivially easy to fabricate believable videos of people doing and saying things they never did.

“We need to have a very loud and public debate,” he said. ”Everyone needs to know just how easy it is to fake images and videos, to the point where we won't able to distinguish forgeries in a few months from now. Of course, this was possible for a long time but it would have taken a lot of resources and professionals in visual effects to pull this off. Now it can be done by a single programmer with recent computer hardware.
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yesterday by robertocarroll

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