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19 hours ago by cdrago
One year in, Facebook’s big algorithm change has spurred an angry, Fox News-dominated – and very engaged! – News Feed • Nieman Journalism Lab
Laura Hazard Owen:
<p>A new report from social media tracking company NewsWhip shows that the turn toward “meaningful interactions” has:

• pushed up articles on divisive topics like abortion, religion, and guns;<br />• politics rules; and<br />• the “angry” reaction (😡) dominates many pages, with “Fox News driving the most angry reactions of anyone, with nearly double that of anyone else.”

Of course, all that isn’t only Facebook’s fault. The content that dominates the platform now might have risen even without an algorithmic boost. But what’s clear is that Mark Zuckerberg’s January 2018 exhortation that the time spent on Facebook be “time well spent” has not come to pass: Instead, it’s often an angry, reactive place where people go to get worked up and to get scared. Here are the two most-shared Facebook stories of 2019 so far:

<img src="" width="100%" />

Engagement — likes, comments, shares, reactions — has risen. For the first few months of this year, it was 50% higher than it was in 2018, and about 10% higher than it was in 2017 (which, remember, included Trump’s inauguration, large-scale protests, and the chaotic early days of his presidency).

<img src="" width="100%" />

“There is a possibility that Facebook’s friends and family focus, getting people to read what their networks are sharing rather than what pages are promoting, may have contributed to this increase as people shared articles they enjoyed on the network,” NewsWhip says.</p>

So you're saying it's still a cesspit, and that your "tuning" has made it worse, Mr Zuckerberg?
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yesterday by charlesarthur
This Waifu Does Not Exist (TWDNE) - Gwern
Сайт генерирует правдоподобных персонажей аниме с помощью алгоритмического дизайна.
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yesterday by jvetrau
This Cat Doesn't Exist
Сайт генерирует правдоподобные фото несуществующих котов с помощью алгоритмического дизайна.
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yesterday by jvetrau
Guest suites for Rent
Сайт генерирует правдоподобные фото несуществующих квартир с помощью алгоритмического дизайна.
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yesterday by jvetrau
[1902.10286] On Multi-Cause Causal Inference with Unobserved Confounding: Counterexamples, Impossibility, and Alternatives
Unobserved confounding is a central barrier to drawing causal inferences from observational data. Several authors have recently proposed that this barrier can be overcome in the case where one attempts to infer the effects of several variables simultaneously. In this paper, we present two simple, analytical counterexamples that challenge the general claims that are central to these approaches. In addition, we show that nonparametric identification is impossible in this setting. We discuss practical implications, and suggest alternatives to the methods that have been proposed so far in this line of work: using proxy variables and shifting focus to sensitivity analysis.
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yesterday by Vaguery

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