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Hoe het extreemrechtse geluid gewoon werd
Verplicht leesvoer vandaag: “Hoe het extreemrechtse geluid gewoon werd” door @SterkNikki
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4 weeks ago by Flobin
The 'Alt-Right' Is A Hate Movement, And It's Scarier Than You Think | HuffPost
Its leader, Richard Spencer, is no less skilled at manipulation than Donald Trump.
The National Policy Institute, a think tank that promotes white nationalism, recently hosted an “alt-right” conference in Washington D.C.
WASHINGTON ― If you want to know why the unabashedly racist and Nazi-sympathizing “alt-right” movement is making a mark on the Trump administration and beyond, look no further than Tila Tequila and her white nationalist friend, Richard Spencer.
In one of the more bizarre and scary things to transpire in an already bizarre and scary political season, Tequila ― the social media presence, former TV host and current porn star ― attended a conference of white nationalists in Washington this weekend. On the surface, it was odd that the Vietnamese-American, born Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, was there. Yet her presence squared perfectly with Spencer’s political and messaging strategy, and that of his National Policy Institute, which organized the event.
“The alt-right is willing to work with allies of color,” Spencer told journalists on Saturday. At that moment, it was hard not to think of Tequila, who had tweeted a photo of herself making the Nazi salute with the caption, “Seig [sic] heil!” the night before.
To be sure, Spencer views most non-white races as genetically inferior, has a deep mistrust of Jewish people and associates with neo-Nazis. He wants to see Europeans and people of European descent “protected” from other races through state-sponsored segregation. The list goes on. 
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5 weeks ago by rgl7194
FDNY Reviewed 4chan Post About Jeffrey Epstein’s Death
About 38 minutes before news outlets first reported Jeffrey Epstein's death in prison, a 4chan user published a detailed post about it.
The Manhattan Correctional Center where Jeffrey Epstein was found dead on Aug. 10.
The New York City Fire Department looked into whether an employee posted about Jeffrey Epstein’s death on a notorious internet message board prior to officials announcing it to the public, BuzzFeed News has learned.
After telling BuzzFeed News the post was "under review," an FDNY spokesperson said authorities "determined this alleged information did not come from the Fire Department."
"An investigation is a formal act which brings about a process which includes interviewing witnesses, serving notice, determining credibility of witness statements — and that was not warranted nor did it take place here. This determination was made after a review of the incident. We looked at the information provided by [a BuzzFeed News] reporter and we looked at our own records and there was no match," said FDNY spokesperson Frank Dwyer, who added that the FDNY's Office of Healthcare Compliance conducted the review. "It doesn't match our medical records."
Almost 40 minutes before ABC News first reported Epstein’s death on Twitter, someone posted still-unverified details on 4chan, the anonymous message board popular with far-right trolls and white nationalists.
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5 weeks ago by rgl7194
"“dark money,” where the true source of the financing is shrouded by
streaming the lucre through faux “charities” that are not required to disclose donors."

"The gushing torrent, along with all the
other funds from identifiable donors that flowed in in the campaign’s final stages should
refocus debates about that period.[..]The notion that Comey or even the Russians could be responsible for both
collapses is outlandish"
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7 weeks ago by hthief
*** Is that an OK sign? A white power symbol? Or just a right-wing troll? | Southern Poverty Law Center
Dismissing the spread of the hand signal as a hoax overlooks two hard realities: first, that its increasing use gives open license to actual racist ideologues to operate and recruit under the cover of the "plausible deniability" established by less ideological young trolls; and second, that any kind of wink-and-nudge interaction with the racist right is a direct route to its normalization.

While the people who flash the sign can always readily claim innocence of any racist intent by attesting that they "only meant it ironically" and that their real purpose was to anger liberals, minorities and "social justice warriors (SJWs)," they can't so readily escape ethical culpability for their role in the spread of hateful ideologies and their effects, including a global spike in hate crimes. Nor can they blame members of the minority groups who reasonably find such hand signals potentially threatening for being upset.

Radical fascists have, after all, historically taken advantage of the "marketplace of ideas" as a useful platform for spreading their toxic ideology — the outcome of which always entails the utter destruction of that marketplace and its replacement with authoritarian propaganda. When far-right ideologues retreat to a "free speech" defense amid claims of left-wing persecution — which is what memes like the "OK sign" are designed to do — this is always their long-term goal.
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9 weeks ago by Marcellus

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