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(Some plain-language substitutions from the FDA:)
“Government writing is often wordy. Extra or elaborate words make your writing weaker. Here are some examples of extra words and their plain alternatives:”
“accordingly → so
as a means of → to
as prescribed by → in, under
at a later date → later
at the present time → now, currently
commence → begin, start
constitutes → forms, makes up
for the purpose of → to, for
heretofore → until, now
in accordance with → under
in order to → to
in the event that → if
on a monthly basis → monthly
pertaining to → of, about
related to → of
so as to → to
should it appear that → if
with regard to → about
shall → will”
plainlanguage  substitutions  fda  2018  alternatives 
5 days ago by handcoding
1/0 = 0 • Hillel Wayne
Consistent ways to divide by 0, including a discussion of fields. Inspired by Pony.
math  computerscience  alternatives  dividebyzero  pony  zero  inverse  field 
9 days ago by kybernetikos
1/0 = 0 • Hillel Wayne
Have a tweet:
I have no idea if Pony is making the right choice here, I don’t know Pony, and I don’t have any interest in learning Pony. But this tweet raised my hackles for two reasons:
It’s pretty smug. I have very strong opinions about programming, but one rule I try to follow is do not mock other programmers.1 Programming is too big and I’m too small to understand everything.
math  comparative-literature  pony  computerscience  dividebyzero  alternatives 
9 days ago by xer0x
Here attacks Google Maps with new freemium website plan
When visiting the website for a local restaurant or other small business, you'll likely see Google Maps embedded to show the location. Developers of such sites...
web_development  mapping  google  maps  alternatives 
11 days ago by kger
Five Features Missing From Lightroom That Are Found in ON1 Photo RAW | Fstoppers
While Lightroom seems to be the editing program of choice for most creatives, it’s far from perfect. Here are five features that are missing from Lightroom that you can find in ON1 Photo RAW.
photography  lightroom  alternatives 
12 days ago by kger
Microsoft Teams vs. Slack: The Best Free Workplace Messenger Apps
Slack has the crown. Microsoft Teams is the usurper. Two popular group chat tools battle it out in our comparison.
slack  teams  alternatives  comparisons 
17 days ago by kger
How to Back Up Your Files Now That CrashPlan Isn't an Option 
Backblaze keeps coming up. I have to see if they are month-to-month or require a contract.
alternatives  backup-online  backup-online-crashplan 
24 days ago by daguti
I think again just an iOS app. List places you want to go as bookmark sort of things.
alternatives  iOS_apps  read_it_later_apps  startups  unique_spin_slightly  queue_apps 
4 weeks ago by skinnymuch

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