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Packet Radio software
I am maintaining a packet radio program based on the original NET program by KA9Q, with a lot of extensions. It is commonly known as NET-PE1CHL and is mainly used on network nodes and BBS/Cluster systems. However, it can be used by end-users as well.

Features of the software include:

AX.25, NET/ROM, TCP/IP, Pacsat protocols supported
directly drives SCC cards, KISS supported for backward compatability
SLIP, "packet driver" and NetBIOS support for local networks
X.25 network support
remote control, suitable for unattended node operation
emulation of G8BPQ hostmode on MSDOS platform
(to run F6FBB BBS or DX Cluster on the same system)
MSDOS, Atari ST and Linux versions available
Very stable, can run for months without a reboot
amateur  ham  radio  packet  software  ax.25 
5 weeks ago by mwishek

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