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The scale of tech winners — Benedict Evans
Big tech companies today are much bigger than the big tech companies of the past. It’s useful, though, to put some real numbers on that, and to get a sense of use how much the scale has changed, and what that means.
amazon  apple  facebook  google  tech  economics 
10 hours ago by SimonHurtz
Getting Started with NGINX Plus on EC2 in AWS
When firewall settings on EC2 instances don't work, check security group settings.
nginx  amazon  ec2  gettingstarted  guide  reference  toread  tounderstand  tolearn  security  group  traffic  ip  firewall  aws  server 
yesterday by racl101
What Is CamperForce? Amazon's Nomadic Retiree Army | WIRED
In a company presentation, one slide read, “Jeff Bezos has predicted that, by the year 2020, one out of every four workampers in the United States will have worked for Amazon.”
Amazon  CamperForce  employment  casualisation  elderly  USA  Wired  2017 
yesterday by inspiral
Silicon Valley Is Not Your Friend - The New York Times
We are beginning to understand that tech companies don’t have our best interests at heart. Did they ever?
Amazon  Google  Facebook  SiliconValley  monopoly  society  ethics  review  critique  NYTimes  2017 
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