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Opinion | Trump’s Road to American Martial Law - The New York Times
“The framers were very much aware that we could end up with an immoral demagogue,” Ornstein said. “They built in safeguards, the most significant being an independent Congress, with power of the purse, oversight, confirmation, impeachment. But at every level, this Congress has failed miserably. Republicans have done nothing but try and protect Trump, despite outrageous ineptitude, cabinet offices being manipulated to make money, children treated in criminal fashion — no oversight hearings, nothing! This is the biggest abdication I have ever seen.”

Yes, some Republican lawmakers did raise their voices to denounce Trump’s interactions with Putin, or at least express confidence in American intelligence agencies. But these were mere words — too little, too late. They are complicit in Trump’s Russian complicity, his base, possibly criminal, flirtation.

The president is not done.
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Stop calling it ‘meddling.’ It’s actually information warfare. - The Washington Post
Yes, I’ll admit — I, too, have used the phrase “election meddling” many times. My bad. Somehow, it became the default terminology for the deliberately destabilizing actions launched by the Kremlin to help Trump win and to sow chaos and division within the United States.
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Closed for Business: Trump Administration Moves to Shrink Grounds for Asylum - The New York Times
But their experiences were viewed very differently in the United States. While migrants fleeing communist governments in Central America during the Cold War were welcomed in the 1980s, those arriving now do not fit into a larger American geopolitical agenda. Their afflictions — gang violence, domestic brutality and poverty — are neither American national security priorities nor anything that was originally intended to be covered under the laws of asylum.

Mr. Trump has taken monumental steps to shrink the asylum system and discourage people from applying based on a belief that the United States is taking in too many foreigners. The moves are part of a larger plan developing in Washington to reshape the reputation of America as a safe haven, one that has inspired generations of people like Francisco and Miguel to journey here.
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13 hours ago by corrales
Remember Nixon. US spy agencies are vital to bringing down Trump | Andrew Gawthorpe | Opinion | The Guardian
We can now understand why Trump, like all autocrats, attacks both the media and independent centres of power in what he labels the “deep state” so relentlessly. Even liberal observers are right to be uncomfortable with the prospect of the FBI and the spooks bringing down a president. But, as we saw during Watergate, these institutions are important parts of the system of checks and balances that can sniff out illegal behaviour and even – yes – “treason”. This is why Trump attacks them. And it is why we must defend them.
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Rural Americans dominate politics
Details of how various forms of electoral math benefit rural areas and thus Republicans
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Poll: Americans Are Split on Russian Election Interference - The Atlantic
controversial issues got surprisingly little attention from respondents. Newspapers have been pounding out stories about possible collusion between the Trump administration and foreign governments before the 2016 election. On Friday, after this survey was administered, a grand jury indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers for allegedly hacking into computer and email systems with the intention of interfering in the 2016 election. The New York Times’ editorial board has called reported Russian attempts to interfere in American elections “a profound national security threat.” And yet, only 45 percent of survey respondents said outside influence from foreign governments is a major problem in American elections, along starkly partisan lines: 68 percent of Democrats versus only 22 percent of Republicans, and 40 percent of independents.
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