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When Exactly Was America Great? - The Atlantic - The Atlantic
Interviews with Americans from eight states on this election-themed question
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7 hours ago by corrales
T18-0128 - Tax Units with Zero or Negative Income Tax Under Current Law, 2011-2028 | Tax Policy Center
Number and percent of tax units that do not owe a positive amount of individual income tax, as well as those who do not owe a positive amount of individual income or payroll tax, for calendar years 2011 through 2028. Baseline is the law in place for each year as of September 5, 2018. For more information on TPC’s baseline definitions, see:
Taxation  America  IncomeTax 
14 hours ago by cbearden
Impeaching Modesty - Wiggins
The first time I heard the word ‘Hogwarts’ and it actually registered, I was fifteen, halfway through my second apprenticeship, and I sat down very hard. For almost a full hour. Then I ‘ported to my mother’s place. She took one look at me and steered me to sit down in the kitchen, shoving my head between my knees till she could get me a compress and a mug of sweet tea.

“What did you Remember?” she asked.

I made vague groaning noises and tilted my head up enough to gulp some tea. Where to begin? “I remembered a book,” I said haltingly. “In the book. There was a school. The school was called ‘Hogwarts’ and they taught magic. It was an adventure series, centered on a boy and his friends. I loved the books. Devoured them. I had forgotten.”

“Why are you so upset about Remembering this?”

I pulled the compress from my face. “Mom, Hogwarts is a real school here.”

[Lovely romance in which American with memories of a previous life and the HP books is Sirius Black's soulmate in a world where he didn't go to prison.]
f:harrypotter  wip  -wc:5k-25k  site:a03  p:sirius/oc  het  plot:massive!au  freed!sirius  parent!sirius  plot:soulmateverse  plot:pov!other  plot:reincarnation  plot:redo  plot:seers  america  plot:goblins  plot:politics  plot:non-human!politics  pureblood!culture  blood!adopted  runemaster!oc  plot:romance  plot:romance!courting  -rating:5/5  notsaved 
18 hours ago by dievillain
American executives are becoming China sceptics • Financial Times
Jamil Anderlini:
<p>Faced with worsening barriers to entry and pressure to hand over their prized technology in exchange for market access, western companies operating in China have become Mr Trump’s biggest cheerleaders in the trade war.

A speech last week in Singapore by former Goldman Sachs chief executive and the US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson gives a sense of just how few American friends China has left.

“The American business community has turned from advocate to sceptic and even opponent of past US policies toward China,” Mr Paulson said. “How can it be that those who know China best . . . and have advocated for productive relations in the past, are among those now arguing for confrontation?”

Mr Paulson used to be one of the most ardent “old friends of China” — a group that includes people such as Henry Kissinger and Blackstone’s Stephen Schwarzman who see themselves as a bridge between Beijing and Washington. His uncharacteristically harsh words should serve as a wake-up call for Mr Xi.

Some people who know Mr Paulson believe his criticism was actually encouraged by senior members of Mr Xi’s own administration, who feel the Chinese president has over-reached but are too scared to say it to his face.

These remnants of the Communist party’s liberal, reform-minded faction are concerned that China’s teetering economy will not be able to withstand a full-blown trade war.

For all the hype surrounding companies like Alibaba and Tencent, China remains predominantly a low-margin, mass production economy that relies on imports for most high-tech components. Despite decades of effort and billions of dollars invested in developing homegrown semi-conductors, China still imports more than 95% of the high-end chips used in computers and servers. As a result, the world’s biggest energy importer spends more on buying foreign-made microchips than it does on imports of crude oil.</p>
china  america  economy  tariffs 
22 hours ago by charlesarthur
Школы в США для защиты от нападений тратят миллиарды на металлодетекторы, видеокамеры и охранников. Все это бесполезно — Meduza
На фоне участившихся случаев стрельбы в школах в США стали тратить намного больше денег на меры безопасности — от программного обеспечения для распознавания лиц до внедрения бывших сотрудников силовых служб в школы под видом учителей. Но, как пишет The Washington Post, на самом деле нет никаких оснований полагать, что эти траты оправданны.

Рынок услуг по обеспечению безопасности в школах США вырос в несколько раз за последние годы и сейчас оценивается в 2,7 миллиарда долларов. Тем не менее, пишет The Washington Post, это не спасает от смертей в результате стрельбы. Например, в 2016 году 14-летний подросток застрелил другого ученика, несмотря на то, что в школе были камеры видеонаблюдения, железные двери и вооруженный охранник. Весной 2018 года в Алабаме подросток принес в школу пистолет и, демонстрируя его одноклассникам, случайно застрелил ученицу — при этом здание было оборудовано камерами снаружи и внутри, в коридорах дежурили трое охранников, на входе стояли металлодетекторы, а сумки учеников периодически досматривали на наличие оружия.
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yesterday by some_hren
After the Retail Apocalypse, Prepare for the Property Tax Meltdown
Big-box retailers nationwide are slashing their property taxes through a legal loophole known as "dark store theory." For the towns that rely on that revenue, this could be a disaster.
retail  economy  america  taxes 
yesterday by bradbarrish

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