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Citroën rolls out subscription car that doesn't require a driving license (Dezeen, 3/4/2020)
Citroën has released Ami, an electric car that will be available on a subscription service to city-people as young as 14 without a driving license.
Citroen  ami  electriccar  urbanmobility  quadricycle  amione 
4 weeks ago by davidkoren
Running Amazon Linux 2 as a Virtual Machine On-Premises - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
Use the Amazon Linux 2 virtual machine (VM) images for on-premises development and testing. These images are available for use on the following virtualization platforms:

Includes seed.iso instructions
amazon.linux  vmware  virtualbox  on.premises  ec2  virtual.machine.images  kvm  aws  ami 
11 weeks ago by po
Building a Website Screenshot API - The Startup - Medium
After featuring Ire's article last week about using puppeteer to grab a tonne of screenshots we have another one. Again it's using puppeteer but this time the resulting screenshots are being dumped into Google storage.
tutorial  add-site  dothis  sideproject  ami  389  newslettered 
december 2019 by justinavery
Team dinner in Reston, VA. Is that pronounced Ah-Mee or Ay-Em-I?
AWS  AMI  EC2  from twitter_favs
october 2019 by becked
SI Analysis Techniques for Automotive Ethernet Applications by Cadence | Elettronica News
A top-down analysis methodology is a good strategy to design interfaces efficiently automotive Ethernet interfaces. An example from Cadence expert.
Automotive  Ethernet  Signaling  IBIS  AMI 
september 2019 by SoGentle

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