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CSS Stats
Potentially interesting stats on stylesheets
design  webdesign  code  analytis  performance  tools  webdev  analysis  analytics  web-development 
yesterday by natetharp
Módulos solares proponen un debate en la industria fotovoltaica internacional
El bajo rendimiento de las plantas de energía bifaciales podría conducir a un escrutinio excesivo en una tecnología e industria ya probada.
Solar  analysis 
yesterday by mgarza
Checkov - Infrastructure as code static analysis
Prevent cloud misconfiguration during build time for Terraform, Cloudformation and more
terraform  static  analysis 
2 days ago by pinterb
Coronavirus dashboard/report by Andrzej Leszkiewicz -
The best visualization of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak (epidemic/pandemic) characteristics and trends.
health  analysis  statistics 
3 days ago by insertrealname
12 Signs You’re Working in a Feature Factory | @johncutlefish's blog
I’ve used the term *Feature Factory *at a couple conference talks over the past two years. I started using the term when a software developer friend complained that he was “just sitting in the factory, cranking out features, and sending them down the line.” How do you know if you’re working in a feature factory?
agile  career  management  process  programming  development  software  analysis 
3 days ago by danesparza

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