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Die Lottozahlen | Lotto Statistiken, die meistgezogenen Lottozahlen beim Lotto 6 aus 49
Auf unserer Statistikseite finden Sie unsere Auswertungen, die unmittelbar nach jeder Lottoziehung erfolgen.
lottery  gambling  statistics  analysis  database  germany 
10 hours ago by gryphonent
What Science Can Tell Us About Bad Science - The Atlantic
What recent research says about fraud, errors, and other dismaying academic problems
research  academics  academic.errors  academic.fraud  analysis 
19 hours ago by po
What Happened to CurrentC?: When Platform Innovation Fails
MCX’s large network of retailers gave CurrentC a distinct advantage. Or it least it should have. Within two years of Apple Pay’s launch, CurrentC failed. MCX shut it down in June 2016. Nine months later it was sold off to JPMorgan Chase, which would use parts of the technology in its own Chase Pay app. But the dream of challenging the major payment networks was dead.

What happened?
business  analysis  apple  money  applepay 
23 hours ago by rmohns

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