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Mostrar de mejor manera un plan de ejecución de PostgreSQL
postgresql  database  sql  execution  plan  analysis 
yesterday by azulcm
The Political Kindling of the Grenfell Fire - The Atlantic
Britain has slipped to sixth in the economic rankings. Yet either position, fifth or sixth, is misleading: Broadly speaking, Britain is an economically average country, with one exceptionally rich region—London, which is reportedly home to more multimillionaires and billionaires than any other city in the world, and serves as the country’s economic engine. Of the EU’s 15 strongest economies, none rely as heavily on one area as the U.K. does: London’s per capita GDP is almost two and a half times Britain’s national average. But London’s enviable self-confidence, its robust financial services sector, and glittering facade, obscure the devastating inequality that plagues the U.K. While the city is Britain’s lone representative among the 10 richest regions in northern Europe, the country also includes a stunning nine of northern Europe’s 10 poorest regions.
economics  uk  totwitter  analysis 
yesterday by renaissancechambara
MongoDB moves up the stack with backend-as-a-service platform Stitch - by @derek_dupreez
"We speak to Sahir Azam, VP of cloud products at MongoDB, about how Stitch is aimed at making lives easier for developers."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  devops  nosql  the  open  source  stack 
2 days ago by jonerp
How statistics lost their power – and why we should fear what comes next | William Davies | Politics | The Guardian
"Statistics (together with elected representatives) performed an adequate job of supporting a credible public discourse for decades if not centuries. What changed?"
thinkingabout  issue008  statistics  history  politics  data  analysis 
2 days ago by colm.mcmullan
Mossberg: The Disappearing Computer - Recode
It's worth considering that the norms of today would be unrecognisable to someone 20 years ago - and it would be difficult to bet against that repeating in the next twenty.
thinkingabout  issue007  technology  analysis  consumer  media  future 
2 days ago by colm.mcmullan
How I beat the market and why everyone that works in technology should pick stocks
"Understanding the future is the very essence of being a good entrepreneur, a good VC or a good consultant. I would encourage everyone that works in these fields to try it, it will make you think more deeply about what you’re doing and about the world around you."
thinkingabout  issue007  market  investment  technology  future  analysis  thinking 
2 days ago by colm.mcmullan
Spek – Free Acoustic Spectrum Analyzer / Spectrogram Viewer
Spek (IPA: /spɛk/, ‘bacon’ in Dutch) helps to analyse your audio files by showing their spectrogram. Spek is free software available for Unix, Windows and Mac OS X.


* Supports all popular lossy and lossless audio file formats thanks to the FFmpeg libraries.
* Ultra-fast signal processing, uses multiple threads to further speed up the analysis.
* Shows the codec name and the audio signal parameters.
* Allows to save the spectrogram as an image file.
* Drag-and-drop support; associates with common audio file formats.
* Auto-fitting time, frequency and spectral density rulers.
* Adjustable spectral density range.
* Translated into 19 languages.
audio  spectrum  frequency  analysis  GitHub 
2 days ago by coffeebucket
Friture - real-time audio analyzer
Friture is a real-time audio analyzer.

It works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It is free and open source.

  Download Friture
Windows, OS X, Linux
audio  spectrum  frequency  analysis  GitHub  Python 
2 days ago by coffeebucket

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