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FotoForensics provides tools and training for digital picture analysis, including error level analysis, metadata, and tutorials.
security  manipulation  tool  Photo  analysis  image  tools  photography  photoshop  Forensics 
2 hours ago by cantalaweb
aras_p / header_hero — Bitbucket

Hg repository hosted by Bitbucket. Bitbucket provides
free source code hosting for Git and Mercurial.

c++  header  analysis 
9 hours ago by ngaloppo
Rupert Murdoch Tells Facebook to Pay 'Trusted' Publishers | AdAge
- channeling my inner Zuckerberg would be "f___ off" you grasping dinosaur; no one gives a toss about news; who the f___ do you think I am Yahoo!?
facebook  media  analysis  totwitter 
yesterday by renaissancechambara

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