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Paterva Home
Welcome to Paterva's home page. Find out more about Maltego here.
security  analysis  potential_products 
yesterday by justintime
McDonald’s flips fortunes with back to basics approach
- they seem to yo-yo between price/convenience and product innovation. I wish they would bring back drip coffee
analysis  business  McDonalds 
yesterday by renaissancechambara
Sunrise Over Stussy with OG JULES GAYTON | 032c Workshop
Recently, the International Stussy Tribe descended upon Bali's Potato Head Beach Club and continued its spirit of bridging friendship and arts. The two-day soirée consisted of art-making classes and surf and skate sessions.
analysis  032c  Workshop 
yesterday by zhumink
hiQ Labs
Our machine learning-based SaaS platform provides flight risks and skill footprints of enterprise organizations
hiring  employment  machinelearning  analysis 
yesterday by jaskerr

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