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prosthetic knowledge — [Patreon] Contemporary Trompe-l'œil  For Patreon...
For Patreon backers, Examples from the Prosthetic Knowledge archive of projects and experiences that employ anamorphosis, an optical illusion of depth from flat surfaces dependent on viewing angle, with modern technological means such as positioning sensors or head tracking software, and all of which are in debt to the Wiimote positional tracking work produced by Johnny Chung Lee.
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may 2018 by eugenexxv
Giornale Nuovo: István Orosz
István Orosz (1951-), is a Hungarian graphic artist who has worked as a theatre-designer and an animator, and has produced numerous poster-designs and series of woodcuts and engravings. His smaller-scale graphic works are notable for their optical trickery, and brain-twizzling Escher-like illusory effects.
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july 2013 by gdw
Mind-blowing Anamorphic Illusions by Brasspup
After seeing lots of anamorphic illusions (see here, here and here) you get really bored about this whole thing. Yesterday, however, a friend of mine showed me a video titled “Amazing Anamorphic Illusions” that just blew my mind. A master of such illusions, going by the Brusspup nickname, posted this video just two days ago and it already has more than 2 millions views.

It shows three different anamorphic illusions – a Rubik’s cube, a shoe, and a tape roll. The trick of anamorphism is seeing the object from just the right angle, in which case it will seem perfectly normal and clear. Once you move, the image gets distorted, and leaves you wondering – what the heck did just happen?

The best part is that Brasspup also gives you downloadable files of Rubik’s cube, tape, and shoe. You can print them out on 8.5 x 14″ (or A4) paper and do the same trick yourself!

Website: youtube, facebook

This is Not What it Looks Like

Print Them out and Do It Yourself!

Download: Tape, Rubik’s cube and shoe

Mind-blowing Anamorphic Illusions by Brasspup originally appeared on Bored Panda on November 29, 2012.

Anamorphic Illusions by Felice Varini

Anamorphic Typography by Joseph Egan

Souvenir Optical Illusions by Michael Hughes

Mind-Blowing Dance by Marquese Scott
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november 2012 by kreestar
How A Parisian Artist Created This Stunning Optical Illusion [Art]
An eye-popping optical illusion created by Parisian artist François Abelanet is on display outside Paris City Hall. This work of art looks like a giant grass sphere, but it's actually flat. More »
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july 2011 by pclaypool – Markus Raetz - Iwan Schumacher – Film on DVD
trailer to Iwan Schumacher's 74-minute film on Raetz (2007), details at ¶ the full film is a quiet inspiration.
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may 2009 by asfaltics

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