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Boundless Anatomy and Physiology
CC BY-SA: Attribution-ShareAlike licensed A&P textbook
creativecommons  textbook  anatomy  education 
2 days ago by loimprevisto
Butterfly iQ - Personal ultrasound - Butterfly Network
Medical imaging should be accessible to everyone on the planet. Now, a pocket-sized ultrasound provides a complete window into the human body. Join our mission.
medicine  health  radiology  biology  anatomy  physiology  ultrasound  mobile  apps  apple 
3 days ago by asaltydog
Boundless Anatomy and Physiology
This catalog contains educational content originally curated by Boundless. In collaboration with the Boundless team, Lumen Learning imported these OER courses to the Lumen Platform, to ensure they remain freely available to the education community after Boundless ceased operations.
anatomy  physiology  medicine  textbook 
10 days ago by miller.travis100
Comparing Ancient DNA Preservation in Petrous Bone and Tooth Cementum
Large-scale genomic analyses of ancient human populations have become feasible partly due to refined sampling methods. The inner part of petrous bones and the cementum layer in teeth roots are currently recognized as the best substrates for such research.
publishing  forensic  medicine  anatomy  osteology  orthodontics  biology  genetics  bone  proteins  journal  research 
23 days ago by asaltydog
Petrous part of the temporal bone - Wikipedia
The petrous part of the temporal bone is pyramid-shaped and is wedged in at the base of the skull between the sphenoid and occipital bones.
forensic  medicine  anatomy  osteology  biology  genetics  bone  proteins  reference 
23 days ago by asaltydog
RT : The brilliant Chuck Jones took a complex explanation of where mammals have similarities in joint structures and mad…
anatomy  from twitter
26 days ago by pronoiac
Crack For Muscle And Motion Software — Bitbucket
credulatni / ssanicunsum / issues / #39 -
check for virus and try to install .... aybe on another vcomputer ... lenovo?
pilates  anatomy  pilates_L4 
27 days ago by ortholithos
The Electronic Vesalius: Embodying Anatomy Atlases | Leonardo | MIT Press Journals
A multidisciplinary team at Rice University transformed the Texas Medical Center (TMC) Library’s collection of rare anatomy atlases into a physical-digital, human-sized atlas-of-atlases. The Electronic Vesalius installation gives these old books new life, informed by contemporary media theory and the centuries of medical and aesthetic criticism provoked by these multimedia image-texts.
atlas  body  embodiment  anatomy 
28 days ago by shannon_mattern

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