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How to Batch Find and Replace Text in All Tasks in Your Outlook
If you would like to find and replace specific texts in all Outlook tasks, you can make use of the method shared in this article. It can accomplish this task in one go.
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The State Of Cloud Business Intelligence, 2018
"Dashboards, advanced visualization, ad-hoc query, data integration, and self-service are the most-required Cloud BI features in 2018. Sales & Marketing need real-time feedback on key initiatives, programs, strategies, and progress towards goals. Dashboards and advanced visualization features’ dominance of feature requirements reflect this department’s ongoing need for real-time feedback on the progress of their teams towards goals. Reporting, data discovery, and end-user data blending (data preparation) make up the next tier of importance."
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14 hours ago by jonerp
SAP addresses the questions on its licensing and auditing news – an influencer event analysis - by @jonerp
"Hot on the heels of SAP's major licensing and audit announcements, a group of analysts and influencers found ourselves in New York City with the chance to press the issue in person. Here's my analysis - but grab a beverage and a comfy chair first."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  digital  transformation  -  frictionless  enterprise 
14 hours ago by jonerp
Michigan SEO and Website Development Agency | Web Fox Marketing
via Web Design | Managed Websites and SEO Company

You only have one shot at making a good first impression. When you have a business, that first impression means your website. You want it to be the very best one possible. It will impact interest in your brand, and you want it to be a very positive one at that! The goal is to leave them wanting more too. Clicking on your site, within a brief amount of time, you want them to be intrigued, lingering longer. By making a good impression, you can stand out among your competitors. You can become memorable. This can motivate visitors to return, and that, in time develops some trust. Trust can turn into loyalty. That nurtures possibilities for long lasting customers.

Consumers are busy and they value their time. If your website does not grab their attention within seconds, they move on.

The first glimpse of your website must be attractive and visually satisfying. It needs to pique the readers’ interest, guiding their discoveries of what you have to offer. It is a good idea to have a balance of print and graphics that maintains the integrity of the brand and concepts being presented. Having the user in mind is key, making it easy to navigate. Visitors will connect more when they can quickly acquire information without a big investment of time, for now.

What you are all about, what you have to offer, needs to reach those that it matters to the most. This is your target audience, your target market. An experienced digital marketer knows how to build and maintain your website, but also how to promote, and also secure those five-star reviews. Today’s consumers take notice of these. In fact, they influence and drive the decisions of others in the marketplace. Whether these are positive or negative, the can make or break the growing potential of your brand. You certainly want the positives! A skilled marketer can also have a profound impact of ranking high on search engines. Here again, time matters! Those impressions begin with the touch of a finger, searching the web for what one wants.

Webfox Marketing is a Michigan SEO, digital marketing, and website developers. We serve our local community near Livonia, Novi, Farmington Hills, West Bloomfield, South Lyon and beyond. In addition to digital marketing services, we are knowledgeable in search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing (Google Adwords), Michigan SEO, social media marketing, and more!

The post First Impressions Make All The Difference | Website Development appeared first on Web Design | Managed Websites and SEO Company.
Web  Design  |  Managed  Websites  and  SEO  Company 
16 hours ago by webfoxmarketing
420's long, strange trip to pot holiday began in California | National |
SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (AP) — Friday is April 20, or 4/20. That's the numerical code for marijuana's high holiday, a homage to pot's enduring appeal and universal slang for smoking.
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17 hours ago by BiteSize77
(8) Personal Cloud #3 - Make your own mail server! Postfix, Dovecot, and OpenDKIM - YouTube
Personal Cloud #3 - Make your own mail server! Postfix, Dovecot, and OpenDKIM
mail  server!  Postfix  Dovecot  and  OpenDKIM  1st 
yesterday by kilroy2

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