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A Night at the Gray Gosling - greenteeth - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Steve’s plans for a quiet night in are put on hold as he is pulled into a SHIELD mission. Now he’s at a fancy party with Natasha’s voice in his ear telling him how to be a spy.

Bucky’s night is going exactly to plan, he’s made it into the party now he just has to figure out who’s crooked. One thing he knows for sure is there's something strange about Roger Stevens.

The dinosaurs, those came out of left field.

This was REALLY fun.
captamerica  au  steve/bucky  and  dinosaurs! 
yesterday by norwich36
Hackers breached into system that interacts with
Hackers breached into a computer system that interacts with, according to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, attackers accessed to the sensitive personal data of some 75,000 people.
breaking  news  data  breach  centers  for  medicare  and  medicaid  services  hackng  pierluigi  paganini  security  affairs 
yesterday by SecurityFeed
Why do we need a new analytics platform? Looker’s CEO shares six keys to modern analytics
"We all agree that the monolithic BI stacks of old don't fly anymore. But when we ask "what's next," the debate gets interesting. At Looker JOIN 2018, Looker CEO Frank Bien gave me a different analytics vision. It came with some surprises."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  cloud  platforms  -  infrastructure  architecture 
yesterday by jonerp
Oracle OpenWorld 2018 – The intelligent apps equation
"Oracle will showcase some fresh capabilities that breathe new life into cloud ERP. Here is the rundown on what to expect along with commentary from ASteve Miranda who leads that endeavor. It makes for a compelling story but it will be customers who confirm."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  cloud  erp  financials  supply  chain  machine  intelligence  ai  talent  management  event  reports  oow18 
yesterday by jonerp

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