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Yuka - L'application mobile qui scanne votre alimentation
Savez-vous vraiment ce que vous mangez ?
Nous oui ! Yuka scanne vos produits et analyse leur impact sur la santé. En un clin d’œil, il déchiffre pour vous les étiquettes : vous visualisez les produits qui sont bons et ceux qu’il vaut mieux éviter.
Obtenez des recommandations personnalisées

Lorsque vous scannez un produit qui a un impact négatif sur la santé, Yuka vous recommande un produit équivalent de meilleure qualité. Ainsi, vous continuez à vous faire plaisir tout en mangeant plus sainement !

Pour tous les produits médiocres ou mauvais que vous avez scannés, Yuka vous recommande des produits similaires de meilleure qualité pour que vous puissiez faire les bons choix (uniquement sur iPhone pour le moment).
ios  android  food  health  reference  shopping 
3 hours ago by mandarine
Google will start charging Android device makers a fee for using its apps in Europe - The Verge
Always said Android wasn’t free. Now the rest of the world is finding that out.
android  google 
14 hours ago by peter
Android Creator’s startup Essential Products cuts about 30% of staff • Bloomberg
Mark Gurman:
<p>The reductions affect staff in the company’s hardware, marketing, and sales divisions, the people said. They asked not to be identified discussing private moves. The company has about 120 employees, according to its website.

The cuts come several months after the company canceled plans for a second version of its smartphone and paused development of a home smart device that would compete with Inc. and Google.

"This has been a difficult decision to make. We are very sorry for the impact on our colleagues who are leaving the company and are doing everything we can to help them with their future careers," an Essential spokeswoman wrote in an email. "We are confident that our sharpened product focus will help us deliver a truly game changing consumer product."</p>

There's confidence, and there's being wrong.
android  rubin 
15 hours ago by charlesarthur
Now Is the Time to Start Planning for the Post-Android World | Linux Journal
Except—we won't. Just as Windows took over from DOS, and Android took over from Windows, something will take over from Android. Some might say "yes, but not yet". While Android goes from strength to strength, and Apple is content to make huge profits from its smaller, tightly controlled market, there's no reason for Android to lose its dominance. After all, there are no obvious challengers and no obvious need for something new.

However, what if the key event in the decline and fall of Android has already taken place, but was something quite different from what we were expecting? Perhaps it won't be a frontal attack by another platform, but more of a subtle fracture deep within the Android ecosystem, caused by some external shock. Something like this, perhaps:
linux  android  os  reference  trend 
18 hours ago by euler
ADB Android Device Unauthorized - Stack Overflow
Another fix for the abd unauthorized error - revoke usb debugging on phone, restart server and reconnect device - it will then give you the option to authorize.
root  Android  adb 
20 hours ago by andrew.schamess
Motorola Moto Z2 Play im Test: Ein neues modulares Akku-Wunder? - NETZWELT
Das Motorola Moto Z Play war dank modularer Schnittstelle so wandelbar wie ein Schweizer Taschenmesser und noch dazu ein echtes Akku-Wunder. Beim Nachfolger Moto Z2 Play merzt Motorola nun die wesentlich Schwächen des Modells aus. Der Test zeigt jedoch, besser ist das Moto Z2 Play dadurch nicht unbedingt.
android  smartphone  hardware 
20 hours ago by jchris

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