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Addax - Wikipedia
> These animals are mainly nocturnal, particularly in summers. In the day, they dig into the sand in shady locations and rest in these depressions, which also protect them from sandstorms.[citation needed] Addax herds contain both males and females, and have from five to 20 members. They will generally stay in one place and only wander widely in search of food. The addax have a strong social structure, probably based on age, and herds are led by the oldest female.[3] Herds are more likely to be found along the northern edge of the tropical rain system during the summer and move north as winter falls. They are able to track rainfall and will head for these areas where vegetation is more plentiful. Males are territorial, and guard females,[14] while the females establish their own dominance hierarchies.[15]
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yesterday by porejide
How Newt Gingrich Destroyed American Politics - The Atlantic
New Gingrich and social darwinism, naturalization of human behavior
politics  USA  biology  ethics  humans  animals 
2 days ago by eliotc
60% of world's wildlife has been wiped out since 1970 | CBC News
THere's an interesting critique of this article in term of interpretation of statistics that might make it useful for teaching
animals  conservation  teaching  statistics/probability 
3 days ago by eliotc
Canines meet cuisine in The Gourmand’s Dog Eat Dog calendar – Creative Review
CR: What does the process of bringing the calendar to life involve?
MT: We set the shoot dates and then the fun starts with a casting call on Instagram, inviting people to enter their dogs who are named after food. We then have to cast from some 200 plus entries. Once we have our edit down from 200 to under 20, it comes down to availability. Ellie, our Managing Editor takes pride in producing the shoot for us and taking over from this point – the hardest part for her is getting back to the dogs who didn’t get in!
calendar  design  dog  animals 
3 days ago by JohnDrake
How Nature Defies Math in Keeping Ecosystems Stable | Quanta Magazine
Paradoxically, the abundance of tight interactions among living species usually leads to disasters in ecological models. New analyses hint at how nature
environment  animals  biology  climate  complexity  math 
6 days ago by basemaly
The Ugly History of Beautiful Things: Perfume
"The clear glass vial contains a mixture of ambergris and alcohol that includes just 5 percent whale matter. In its pure form, this substance is a waxy gray ball of animal secretion, a floating fat-berg that is 'more expensive than gold'. Unlike jasmine absolute, which plays a role in many of her perfumes, real ambergris is simply too expensive to use in a commercial product. 'It’s considered the miracle ingredient for perfumes,' she says. 'It makes everything better.'"
a:Katy-Kelleher  p:Longreads★★  d:2018.09.10  w:4000  history  scent  death  animals  from instapaper
7 days ago by bankbryan

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