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Page Flip Layout | Codrops
Today we’d like to share a flat take on a magazine-like layout with a “page flip” animation. When navigating, the content gets covered and then the next “pages” show.
animation  layout  transition 
14 hours ago by kogakure
Dance of the Line Riders - YouTube
Line Riderという小人が線の上を滑るブラウザゲームで、音とシンクロしたコース作ることでMV・アニメーション作品になってる
MusicVideo  Animation  tw 
21 hours ago by umeruma
When 'Lord of the Rings' Almost Starred Mick Jagger | Hollywood Reporter
Bakshi then immediately got on the phone with his lawyer, Bruce Ramer (also Steven Spielberg’s lawyer, who infamously named the shark from Jaws after him), who sealed the deal with MGM that afternoon.

“I nearly died,” he says, candidly. “It was the hardest thing I had to do in my life. I didn’t have the budget for producers. As I was shooting the picture live action in Spain, I was running the company on the phone through my secretary and my production manager. I didn’t get much sleep. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. But the animators loved me. And I had tremendous support on all my films from these guys because they loved what they were doing and they knew what I was trying to do. They held it together.”
movies  animation  tolkien 
yesterday by craniac
Improve Animated GIF Performance With HTML5 Video — Smashing Magazine
shows how to use html5 native video instead of animated gif. Also shows how to convert gifs to webm or mp4
webdesign  web  design  animated  gif  webm  mp4  video  html5  animation 
yesterday by piperh

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